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Global Defense and Space Manufacturing Company Uses Netwrix Strongpoint to Handle NetSuite's Complexities

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If you’re in any way involved in a NetSuite implementation, or a Salesforce implementation… Netwrix Strongpoint is going to be integral for you. It saves me time on a daily basis!

Steven Sweet, ERP & Business Intelligence Leader

  • Complexity and Scalability Challenges. Regulus Global, a global defense and space manufacturing company, recognized the challenges of managing highly customized systems that were not scalable as the company grew. They needed a solution that could handle complexity and scale effectively.
  • Dependency on Institutional Knowledge. At Regulus Global, there was a heavy reliance on institutional knowledge, where each administrator or developer had their own unique methods. This made it difficult to manage and understand the ERP systems as personnel changed.
  • Reducing Technical Debt. The system had accumulated unused saved searches and other elements that added to the technical debt, complicating the management and understanding of the NetSuite environment. A solution was needed to clean up and streamline the system to keep it manageable and efficient.
  • Visibility and Impact Analysis. Regulus Global’s IT team needed a tool that could provide immediate insights into how specific customizations were interconnected and the potential effects of making any changes. This was essential for making informed decisions and managing the system proactively.

As a huge advocate of the product, I can’t say it more — it’s just so helpful!

Steven Sweet, ERP & Business Intelligence Leader

Netwrix Solution

Steven Sweet, ERP & Business Intelligence Leader at Regulus Global, with his deep experience in forensic accounting and NetSuite implementations, recognized the need for a robust tool that could simplify complexity, ensure scalability, and standardize operations across Regulus Global. Netwrix Strongpoint was selected for its industry-standard reputation and its ability to deliver clear visibility and control over customizations.

  • Enhanced Scalability and Manageability. Netwrix Strongpoint empowered Regulus Global with advanced tools to efficiently manage and scale highly customized NetSuite environments. This transition from smaller, simpler solutions to robust, scalable processes was crucial as the organization expanded. The tool's adaptability and capability to manage growing complexity ensured that the ERP systems could accommodate future growth and change, maintaining operational effectiveness.
  • Visibility and Impact Analysis of Customizations. Steven Sweet was able to gain a quick understanding of the complex customizations within NetSuite with the help of Netwrix Strongpoint. The software provided a comprehensive view of how different components were interconnected, enabling him to make informed and strategic decisions. The impact analysis tools offered by the software were crucial in forecasting the potential downstream effects of any proposed changes. This level of insight was particularly valuable in complex environments like those at Regulus Global.
  • Reduction of Dependency on Institutional Knowledge. Netwrix Strongpoint offers detailed visualizations of system customizations, such as Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD). This helps reduce the dependency on the personal knowledge and experiences of individual developers and administrators, making the ERP system more universally understandable and easier to manage. By standardizing operations, the solution ensures consistency and reduces the risk associated with staff turnover.
  • Systematic Cleanup and Optimization. Netwrix Strongpoint played a crucial role in identifying and eliminating outdated or unused configurations, like saved searches, which helped to minimize technical debt. This systematic cleanup not only streamlined the system but also improved performance by getting rid of clutter and inefficiencies. The continuous maintenance capabilities of Netwrix Strongpoint ensured that Regulus Global's ERP system remained clean, manageable, and efficient, supporting operational excellence.
Key Benefits
  • Decreased technical debt
  • Simplified ongoing account maintenance
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Reduced decision-making time
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Operating in more than 70 countries, Regulus Global offers an experienced team of veterans, industry professionals, and international acquisition experts who understand security, medical and humanitarian requirements.

From hurricane preparedness to pandemic response to security concerns, Regulus Global partners with global defense, national security and medical agencies and organizations to provide a total solution for the most challenging mission needs.

Customer: Regulus Global

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