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How Netwrix Strongpoint Helped an Automation Expert Review and Cleanup More than 10 Years of Customizations in an FDA-regulated NetSuite Instance

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Netwrix Strongpoint certainly helps us to leverage NetSuite’s capabilities and honestly just put changes on the radar that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. NetSuite does a really good job of letting you customize as it's a flexible system.

Roy Lowe, Business Application Administrator at Cross Company

  • Integration of Acquired Systems: Following the acquisition of JA King, Cross Company needed to integrate and manage over a decade of NetSuite customizations from the acquired company. This required a thorough review and migration process to align with Cross Company's existing ERP systems.
  • Compliance Requirements: Operating in an FDA-regulated environment, Cross Company had to ensure all system changes met stringent compliance standards. This was crucial to avoid regulatory issues and ensure that any modifications within their ERP system could withstand audit scrutiny.
  • Management of Technical Debt: The acquisition brought additional technical debt, including obsolete saved searches and customizations that needed to be cleaned up or deprecated. Managing this technical debt was essential to maintain system efficiency and prevent it from becoming unmanageable.
  • Change Monitoring and Management: With a newly expanded team and more complex systems, Cross Company needed a way to monitor and manage changes effectively. This was important to ensure that their critical ERP systems could evolve without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • Ensuring Safe and Efficient Operations: The need for a tool that could help manage these complexities safely and efficiently was evident. Cross Company sought a solution that could provide visibility, control changes, and automate processes to keep their systems clean and compliant.

Automate what you can, manage by exception.

Roy Lowe, Business Application Administrator at Cross Company

Netwrix Solution

Cross Company chose Netwrix Strongpoint to address the challenges associated with integrating a newly acquired company's complex and outdated NetSuite customizations into its own system. They needed a robust solution that could manage significant technical debt, ensure compliance with FDA regulations, and streamline system integration.

  • System Integration and Cleanup: Following the acquisition of JA King, Netwrix Strongpoint helped Cross Company review and migrate over ten years of customizations. This process ensured a smooth integration of the acquired company's NetSuite instance into Cross Company's existing ERP systems, maintaining system integrity and functionality.
  • Compliance Management: Netwrix Strongpoint's tools gave Cross Company the ability to ensure all changes complied with FDA regulations. This was crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance and preparing the system for potential audits, providing documentation and justifications for every change made.
  • Elimination of Technical Debt: Netwrix Strongpoint identified and helped deprecate 1,800 obsolete saved searches, including 1,300 from the JA King instance. This immediate cleanup significantly reduced technical debt and simplified the migration process, making the overall system more efficient and easier to manage.
  • Change Monitoring and Management: With Netwrix Strongpoint’s change monitoring features, Cross Company gained comprehensive visibility into their NetSuite account activities. This enabled them to review critical changes and allowed developers to make everyday modifications safely, ensuring that system updates did not disrupt business operations.
  • Automation of Administrative Tasks: Netwrix Strongpoint automated key administrative tasks, such as saved search cleanups, which Cross Company could set up once and let run automatically. This automation saved time, reduced manual errors, and helped keep the system streamlined and up-to-date without continuous oversight.
Key Benefits
  • Better visibility into changes
  • Eliminated 1800 obsolete saved searches overnight
  • Automated key administrative tasks
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Established in 1954, Cross Company is an entirely employee-owned provider of industrial automation solutions. Boasting dedicated sales and engineering teams specializing in machine automation, process control, instrumentation, data communication, and fluid power technologies, Cross possesses the necessary technical expertise to tackle the most complex automation challenges in various industries.

Customer: Cross Company

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