NetSuite Admin Uses Netwrix Strongpoint to Manage Complexity and Move with Confidence

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It gave us something that we didn’t have, and that we didn’t have time to do ourselves.

Alexandra Riffle, ERP System Administrator at Teague

  • Complex System Management. As Teague grew, the complexity of their NetSuite system increased significantly. Alexandra Riffle, their ERP System Administrator, faced a system with "thousands of custom fields, multiple custom records, hundreds of scripts," and other complex elements that became cumbersome to manage manually.
  • Time-Consuming Documentation. The sheer volume and intricacy of customizations in Teague’s NetSuite account required extensive documentation. Manually documenting every customization proved too time-consuming, especially as the company scaled and the system's complexity multiplied.
  • Risks of Untracked Changes. Initially, changes were made to the system based on trial and error, often leading to disruptions ("we would just change something and wait for somebody to scream"). There was no effective way to predict the downstream impact of modifications, posing risks to operational stability.
  • Need for Simplified Impact Analysis. Before Flashlight, the Teague team had no straightforward method to anticipate how changes would affect other parts of the system. This lack of visibility increased the likelihood of inadvertently breaking critical functions when modifying the system.
  • Managing Growth and Compliance. As Teague continued to grow and possibly face stricter compliance requirements, there was a clear need for more powerful automation tools to manage the ERP system efficiently and ensure compliance without stifling growth.

It made things so much easier for us. It gave us something that we didn’t have, and that we didn’t have time to do ourselves.

Alexandra Riffle, ERP System Administrator at Teague

Netwrix Solution

Teague adopted Netwrix Strongpoint's Flashlight tool to address the growing complexities of their NetSuite system. This decision improved their ERP management by providing automated documentation, impact analysis, and streamlined system maintenance. Netwrix Strongpoint’s solutions enhanced operational efficiency and prepared Teague for future growth by introducing advanced automation and compliance capabilities.

  • Automated Documentation: Flashlight offered instant and automated documentation capabilities, alleviating the burden of manually tracking each customization within Teague's complex NetSuite environment. This tool allowed for an up-to-date and accessible record of all system modifications, significantly reducing administrative overhead.
  • Impact Analysis for Change Management: With the customization impact search feature, Teague's team could now easily assess the potential consequences of changes before implementing them. This predictive capability prevented disruptions by identifying which parts of the system would be affected by specific alterations, thus ensuring stability and continuity.
  • Streamlined System Maintenance: Flashlight enabled Alexandra Riffle to efficiently manage and streamline Teague's NetSuite account. By identifying critical customizations and determining which fields were connected to important workflows or could be safely deprecated, she was able to simplify the system without risking core functionalities.
  • Enhanced Operational Confidence: The tool boosted confidence among the system administrators at Teague by providing a clearer understanding of the system's complexities and dependencies. This understanding helped mitigate the "Scream Theory" approach previously used, where changes were made haphazardly without knowing the full impact, reducing stress on both the admins and their colleagues.
Key Benefits

Improved change management

Effective account optimization

Enhanced planning for scalability

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