Newly Hired Director of ERP Systems Streamlined ERP Change Management in a Secure Fashion with Netwrix Strongpoint

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Using Netwrix Strongpoint’s automated search cleanup rules, we were able to identify over 2000 candidates for archive. And because the tool sends alerts to search owners before deprecation, nothing that was currently in use was accidentally deleted.

Diara Burris, Director of ERP Systems at Drybar

  • Complexity and Customization of NetSuite. In 2014, Drybar switched from QuickBooks to NetSuite. However, as time passed, the NetSuite environment became more complex due to customizations made by previous team members and external firms. This complexity increased as these individuals left the company, often taking their detailed knowledge of the system with them.
  • Business Division and Rapid Adjustments. A larger corporation's acquisition of Drybar's retail line resulted in the need to split the business and its enterprise software to facilitate the management of almost 100 corporate stores separately. This division required quick and precise customizations to their NetSuite account, leading to an urgent need for efficient management and oversight of these changes.
  • Backlog of Unreviewed Changes. Upon taking up her role, Diara Burris noticed a large number of unreviewed changes in the NetSuite system. The absence of formal change approval processes posed a substantial threat to the stability and reliability of the ERP system. Consequently, it became crucial to establish structured change management practices as soon as possible.

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Diara Burris, Director of ERP Systems at Drybar

Netwrix Solution

Drybar, a rapidly expanding hair salon chain, faced growing complexity in its customized NetSuite environment. To streamline processes and improve compliance, they implemented Netwrix Strongpoint, recognizing its ability to enhance system management and ensure audit readiness.


Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for Understanding Complex Customizations. Netwrix Strongpoint's ERD tool became essential for Drybar's team to manage the increased complexity of their NetSuite environment after the business split and rapid growth. This tool allowed the team to gain immediate insights into how various customizations were interconnected, making it particularly valuable in making informed decisions about potential changes. It helped the team understand the broader impact on the system, ensuring that every modification supported Drybar's operational needs without unintended consequences.

Automated Cleanup of Unused Searches. As part of Drybar's NetSuite system optimization and performance enhancement, Netwrix Strongpoint implemented automated rules. These rules identified and archived over 2000 unused saved searches that were cluttering the system. By cleaning up the system, it improved its efficiency and usability, making it easier for users to navigate. The automation also included notifications to search owners before any deactivation to ensure no currently used searches were accidentally removed. This helped maintain the system's integrity and user confidence.

Change Management and Compliance Reporting. Netwrix Strongpoint implemented formal change management processes in Drybar's ERP operations to address the backlog of unreviewed changes. This involved utilizing formal change requests to pre-emptively assess new changes and generating weekly non-compliant change reports to detect and rectify any deviations from established protocols. This structured approach allowed Drybar to maintain strict control over changes, align them with compliance requirements and business objectives, and created a framework to gradually decrease reliance on manual checks as the team adapted to the new system.

Key Benefits

Proactive change management

Improved insight with Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)

Automated search cleanup

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Customer Profile

Drybar is a chain of hair salons that primarily focuses on providing blowout services—hair styling that includes wash and blow-drying. Founded in 2008, Drybar revolutionized the beauty industry by offering an affordable luxury of salon-quality blowouts in a chic, boutique environment. The company quickly expanded across the United States, and aside from its core salon services, Drybar also markets a line of hair styling products and tools, enhancing the customer experience both in-salon and at home.

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