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Top International Supplier of Portable Gas Detectors Enhances Safety and Efficiency with Netwrix Strongpoint

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With Netwrix Strongpoint, our team was able to drastically reduce the time needed to complete a critical customer data project and lay the groundwork for a tight efficient change management process.

Jake Garis, Industrial Scientific

  • Understanding Dependencies and Impact of Changes. Industrial Scientific faced challenges in understanding dependencies and impacts of changes within their organization, particularly in cleaning up their customer data model due to incomplete documentation. This lack of visibility made it difficult to predict how changes would affect their existing systems and processes.
  • Lack of Comprehensive Documentation. They lacked complete documentation, which was essential for effectively managing their customer data model. The absence of detailed records made it challenging to undertake clean-up activities and to maintain an accurate overview of their systems.
  • Need for Strong Data Governance and Change Control. Industrial Scientific aimed to establish robust data governance and implement stringent change control procedures. Their goal was to ensure that any modifications to their data model adhered to internal policies and were executed efficiently without disrupting ongoing operations
  • Manual and Time-Consuming Processes. Prior to adopting Netwrix Strongpoint, the team had to manually reconcile the impact of any changes, which was a labor-intensive process that increased the risk of errors and inefficiencies. This manual approach was not only slow but also put a strain on their resources and productivity.

Netwrix Strongpoint is a powerful addition to Salesforce! It enables us to maintain change policies, and automatically identify whether the changes to our org are compliant with our policies.

Jake Garis, Industrial Scientific

Netwrix Solution

In mid-2017, they adopted Netwrix Strongpoint Automated Documentation and Optimization, quickly upgrading to Intelligent Change Enablement solution to safely manage changes and enhance team productivity.

  • Automated Documentation and Optimization. Netwrix Strongpoint provided comprehensive automated documentation tools that helped Industrial Scientific map out and understand the dependencies within their data models. This enabled the team to see the potential impacts of proposed changes, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.
  • Built-in Visualization Tools. Tools like the Dependency Relationship Diagram, Clean-up Reports, and Object Finder allowed the team to visualize the impact of their proposed changes. This helped them avoid data loss or negative effects on existing workflows, integrations, and business processes, effectively addressing the lack of comprehensive documentation.
  • Automated Risk and Impact Analysis. Netwrix Strongpoint automated the triage of proposed changes and advised the team on the level of change management required. This feature ensured that changes were aligned with their data governance goals and that the appropriate team members and approval processes were involved, establishing a strong data governance and change control framework.
  • Automated Change Logging and Clearance. To make changes safely and efficiently, Netwrix Strongpoint automatically logged all changes to custom objects and flagged any unapproved, high-risk changes for review. This automation reduced the burden of manual processes, significantly enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance with established policies.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous documentation
  • Improved efficiency in data management
  • Ongoing change management
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Customer Profile

Industrial Scientific has been at the forefront of creating gas detection technologies that safeguard workers globally from hazardous environments since its establishment in 1985. The company has introduced several groundbreaking products, such as the first 3-gas and 6-gas detectors, the initial wireless gas detector, and the pioneering gas detector that was integrated into a NASA space shuttle.

Customer: Industrial Scientific

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