Forreston State Bank

Forreston State Bank Ensures FFIEC and GLBA Compliance while Saving Hours of Work

$181 million
Total bank assets
8 hours
Saved on audit preparations every week

Netwrix Auditor gives me insight about our network quickly and in a clear format. Now, I can see exactly who did what, when and where, and provide proper reports to the auditors. Netwrix Auditor saves me around eight hours a week just for regular auditing processes and keeps our bank in continuous compliance with FFIEC and GLBA requirements.

Christopher H. Cronau, Senior Vice President, Forreston State Bank 

  • Ensure compliance with Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) standards that govern GLBA requirements.
  • Optimize the process of preparing for compliance audits.
  • Ensure security of customers' personally identifiable information (PII).

Netwrix Auditor enables us to prove to auditors that we are monitoring our network appropriately. It saves me the entire workday every week, since there is no need to manually create reports for the consistent audit trail.

Christopher H. Cronau, Senior VP, Forreston State Bank 

Netwrix Solution

Christopher chose Netwrix Auditor because it was easy to deploy and use. He appreciated the understandable format of the reports and the ability to automate their delivery.  

  • Surveillance of privileged accounts. Christopher monitors activities in bank's IT environment for both security and compliance reasons. Watching privileged users enables him to detect privilege escalation in time and prevent damage. He also receives alerts if someone changes memberships of security groups. This empowers him to make sure that no one creates malicious accounts there or gains excessive privileges.
  • Enhanced control over file servers. Netwrix Auditor summarizes all changes made across file servers and informs Christopher about failed and successful data access events. This enables him to meet requirements of auditors, e.g. be more proactive in restricting file permissions and revoke excessive access rights if necessary.
  • Improved reporting for audits. The software provides Christopher with a complete audit trail for compliance checks, which enables him to prove to auditors that all changes and activities across the network are carefully monitored. Netwrix Auditor generates reports automatically, which saves Christopher the entire workday every week.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous compliance
  • Improved security
  • Time savings on audit preparations
Customer Profile

Forreston State Bank is a local financial institution founded in 1887 in Forreston, Illinois, U.S. It provides personal and business banking services, including deposits, home loans, card services and online solutions. For over a century, Forreston State Bank has been building deep, lifelong customer relationships and providing an environment where customers can bank with their neighbors, realizing that the business begins and ends with people.

Customer: Forreston State Bank

Industry: Financial Services