First National Bank and Trust of Beloit

First National Bank and Trust of Beloit Prepares for OCC Audits in Just One Hour, Instead of One Week

15 minutes
To review reports on user activities
A couple of minutes
To spot security issues
1 hour
To prepare for an audit check

Netwrix Auditor is the main solution we use for OCC compliance. It is so easy to regularly monitor the activities we are obliged to keep track of. We used to spend one week to prepare for audits; now it is a matter of one hour. We get all the reports for auditors from one place, instead of having 5–6 different apps to do it. If something breaks, I can see what has happened without spending hours if not days on investigations. 

Larry Heidenreich, Information Security Officer, First National Bank and Trust of Beloit

  • Ensure continuous compliance with OCC guidelines.
  • Gain control over activities of 300 users across 17 locations.
  • Lift the burden of ineffective manual processes.

There are so many different types of reports auditors ask for, which we can pull from one platform now: from Group Policy changes to activity across SQL. I used to spend the entire week to fill out the compliance checklist — today it went down to one hour.

Larry Heidenreich, Information Security Officer, 

First National Bank and Trust of Beloit

Netwrix Solution

Larry chose Netwrix Auditor because it enabled him to conveniently monitor all systems from one place. On top of that, he values the detailed reports on Active Directory and Group Policy changes and the easy–to–configure alerts. 

  • Validation of security policies. Larry reviews change summaries to ensure that all activity across the IT environment accords with internal policies. He checks modifications, e.g. changes to group memberships or the account policy, to see whether there is a corresponding ticket in the internal ticketing system, and thereby quickly determine whether the action was authorized or not. Netwrix Auditor reports enable him to spot and delete disabled accounts from Active Directory, as required by OCC and internal policies.
  • Improved reporting for OCC. Larry needs just 15 minutes or less to review reports on activity across the network and ensure the bank’s day–to–day compliance. Netwrix Auditor has also significantly simplified audit preparations. Now Larry spends just one hour instead of one week to fill out a compliance checklist.
  • Fast investigation of incidents. Larry uses the software to quickly find root causes of operational issues and minimize the risk of business downtime. If an IT team member accidentally removes someone from the Remote Desktop Users group, Larry runs a report on all Active Directory changes and spots the issue in a matter of minutes, while without the software it could have taken hours. He also uses an application for Exchange to detect problems there quickly and ensure that customers can always reach out to the bank.
Key Benefits
  • Streamlined OCC compliance
  • Centralized control over the IT environment
  • Uninterrupted business processes
Customer Profile

First National Bank and Trust of Beloit (FNBT) is a family-run business founded over 130 years ago in the small town of Beloit, Wisconsin, U.S. While still serving the local communities, the bank has grown to become a leading financial services provider for consumers and businesses, with 17 full-service locations throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and $1.1 billion in assets.

Customer: First National Bank and Trust of Beloit

Industry: Financial Services