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IT Services Company Enables Business Growth by Improving Password Management with Netwrix Password Secure


We started to receive more and more customer inquiries about professional password managers and therefore wanted to recommend a professional product to our customers without any worries. That‘s what we‘re doing now with Netwrix Password Secure.

Uwe Paquet, IT Management at Lobster DATA GmbH

  • Lobster was growing rapidly and needed to ensure that all employees could easily and securely access database instances and work together.
  • However, their previous password tool did not allow users to work collaboratively in the same database, and managing access separately for each of over 1,500 customers led to a high administrative burden. In addition, a separate client software solution for SSH/RDP was required for working independently from operations.
  • The company was planning to replace Chrome as its standard browser and wanted a tool that could automatically launch the new browser.
  • Finally, the company wanted a professional password management solution that would enable it to meet ISO standards.

Cloud-based password managers offer many possibilities — but we prefer to keep our passwords with us for extra security.

Daniel Kaufmann, IT Infrastructure at Lobster DATA

Netwrix Solution

Netwrix Password Secure is a comprehensive solution that met all of Lobster's requirements. It offers a broad range of functionality, from password sharing to logging of all access events, and has an intuitive interface with clear structure. With Netwrix Password Secure, the company has gained the following benefits:


Stronger security — With the self-hosted Netwrix Password Secure solution, Lobster keeps its data in-house, rather than in the cloud, so it can maintain full control. 

Granular access control — With the role-based access control (RBAC) in Netwrix Password Secure, the company is able to map all roles and teams in accordance with its structure, enabling secure data access and password sharing. 

Flexibility and ease of use — Thanks to its simple design and powerful functionality, Netwrix Password Secure was quickly adopted by employees. Browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Edge enable employees to quickly start an RDP or SSH connection and work flexibly on the web.

Improved productivity — Netwrix Password Secure gives each user their own database access, allowing simultaneous work without overwriting or losing data sets. Employees no longer need to take turns to access the database. 

Streamlined compliance — The ability to document all processes in Netwrix Password Secure through auditing and reports helps with ISO certification. Employees are automatically notified when certain actions are performed in Netwrix Password Secure, and activities can be viewed and tracked conveniently in the logbook.

Key Benefits
  • Enabled compliance with ISO requirements for password management
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Strengthened cybersecurity through improved password management and full control over password storage location
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Customer Profile

Lobster DATA GmbH is a software provider based in Germany that specializes in innovative digital platform solutions for B2B IT applications. In particular, the company offers solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI, EAI, MFT, Industry 4.0 and IoT), automation of business processes, and product information management.

Customer: Lobster DATA GmbH

Industry: Technology

Website: www.lobster-world.com/