Retailer Complies with GDPR Requirements by Improving Password Management with Netwrix Password Secure


Finally, we found a reliable solution that covers all our password needs as a company.

Marius Lechner, IT Project Manager at


NBB sought a solution that would help them comply with the password-related requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and quickly respond to auditors' questions whenever necessary. Specifically, the company needed a professional solution for managing access to applications and sensitive data, while ensuring that their data was not stored on foreign servers.

In addition, the solution had to be easy for both business users and IT teams to use, as well as scalable to accommodate the company’s future growth.

The company gained a self-hosted professional solution for managing access to applications and sensitive data.

Netwrix Solution

Netwrix Password Secure met all of NBB’s requirements, including offering self-hosted storage that complies with the GDPR. Deploying this password management solution has enabled the company to achieve all of the following benefits:


Quick and accurate access provisioning. The role-based access control (RBAC) in Netwrix Password Secure enables NBB to enable each user to access only the appropriate credentials based on their department and position, in accordance with the least privilege principle. 

Improved password security. Employees can use passwords without ever seeing them in plain text, reducing the risk of disclosure or misuse. Since passwords are stored centrally, authorizations are no longer lost when someone leaves the company. Plus, all access events are automatically logged, ensuring accountability for password usage.

Ease of use. WithNetwrix Password Secure, users can access their passwords from their desktop, a web application or a phone app, so they can log on securely no matter which device they are using and making risky options like saving passwords in the browser obsolete. Plus, the browser extension offered an unexpected benefit to NBB by automatically storing shared website credentials for teams like Marketing and Product Management. 

Simple customization. Netwrix Password Secure can be fully tailored to the needs of each user: Modules and functions can be shown or hidden, and views can be changed as required. This ensures that employees quickly become comfortable with Netwrix Password Secure, enabling rapid time to value.

Key Benefits
  • Fast adoption thanks to easy customization and an intuitive UI
  • Improved security through strong passwords and accurate provisioning of credentials
  • Streamlined collaboration through shared passwords
  • Self-hosted storage that complies with the GDPR
  • Full accountability for credential use
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile (NBB) is an online retail company that offers smartphones, tablets, PCs, displays and other consumer electronics. With ten locations, over 800 employees and more than six million customers, the company has grown significantly since its founding in 1989.

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