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Car Parts Delivery Service Ensures Safe Password Management with Netwrix Password Secure

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Netwrix Password Secure is an extreme time and cost saver, especially for our IT! We wouldn't even know how to manage our day-to-day business without Password Secure.

Frank Bandel, Managing Director at Bandel Automobiltechnik GmbH


As a result of its rapid growth, Bandel Automobiltechnik needed to improve its credentials management processes:

  • Onboarding — Bandel needed to ensure that new employees could access data quickly and easily, while ensuring secure access with different authorization levels to prevent improper access to sensitive data.
  • Reprovisioning — The company needed to be able to accurately and efficiently manage permissions for 20 trainees who change departments every 3 months.
  • Offboarding — Bandel’s current process involved resetting passwords every time an employee left the company, and the company wanted to alleviate this administrative burden from its IT team.
  • Securing — In addition, to prevent data misuse and theft, the company needed to prevent employees from logging in to corporate accounts from home or using their private devices.

According to Bandel Automobiltechnik, Netwrix Password Secure has been instrumental in helping it meet its security and data management goals while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Netwrix Solution

After extensive research and analysis of tests and ratings, Bandel chose Netwrix Password Secure to address its challenges. With Netwrix Password Secure, Bandel achieved the following results:

  • Secure password sharing — Bandel employees across all corporate divisions can securely share credentials for websites, such as car rental platforms and online shops.
  • Streamlined workflows — Sensitive data such as credit card information can be stored with and used for automated login via SSO with little effort.
  • Decreased IT burden — Netwrix Password Secure significantly reduced the administrative burden for the IT department, thanks to capabilities like automated import of AD objects, credential discovery, and password reset and synchronization. Password privacy protection and role-based rights management eliminate the need to create and share individual passwords for each employee.
  • Improved security — With Netwrix Password Secure, Bandel can easily grant temporary authorizations with higher security levels and apply the multiple-eye principle to its departments and trainees. Plus, shared passwords don’t need to be changed when an employee leaves the company. All access events are monitored and tracked, and all data is managed centrally within the company.
Key Benefits
  • Strengthened cybersecurity and enhanced compliance
  • Improved productivity for both business users and IT pros
  • Improved the user experience
  • Delivered cost savings through centralization and automation
  • Improved accountability
  • Ensured deep visibility into password-related activity
  • Provided scalability that ensures Bandel can continue to meet its password-related challenges as it grows
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Customer Profile

Bandel Automobiltechnik specializes in fast and safe shipping of car parts. Based in Germany, the company ships over 8,000 parcels per day and has more than 180 employees. Bandel has been awarded the Trusted Shops seal of approval, which testifies that the company’s quality criteria are always fulfilled.

Customer: Bandel Automobiltechnik

Industry: Transportation