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Enterprise password management software from Netwrix helps you secure sensitive credentials and prove compliance

Ensuring that user credentials meet high standards and are managed safely is foundational to enterprise security and therefore a core requirement of many compliance mandates. With enterprise password management from Netwrix, you can eliminate weak passwords, enforce appropriate password policies for different teams and pass compliance audits more easily.

Enable flexibility
Password Secure supports users wherever and however they work. The app makes it convenient to access passwords on the go; the web version can be used across operating systems and devices; and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge make it a snap to log in to websites.
Get strong security
Automatically find insecure passwords and reset them to secure values, and prevent users from choosing new passwords that do not comply with your policies. Ensure passwords, MFA codes and other secrets exist only in a secure, centrally managed system and are properly encrypted.
Secure shared accounts
Empower users to securely share passwords, keys, profiles and other secrets with their teammates — and nobody else.
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Close security gaps and keep them closed
Identify insecure passwords and reset them to a secure value automatically. Prevent users from choosing new passwords that do not comply with your policies.
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Support the modern workforce
Netwrix Password Secure stores encrypted passwords and other secrets in one central location and synchronizes them across all platforms and devices so users can access them securely from anywhere.
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Drive user productivity
Enable users to log in simply by clicking the browser extension, instead of having to remember and type complex passwords.
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Reduce the load on IT teams
Save administrators time by empowering them to manage password policies, monitor password usage and roll back unwanted changes, all from a single console.
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Facilitate teamwork
With Netwrix Password Secure, users can securely share passwords, keys, profiles and other secrets with appropriate teammates.
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Satisfy auditors
Streamline audit preparation and prove compliance with a complete audit trail of every password event.
Netwrix Password Secure
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