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Media Company Streamlines Password Management with Netwrix Password Secure


Finally, we can offer our employees a password management solution that they are happy to use and that offers them all the necessary features

Christina Slomka, CIO Assistance at Wiener Zeitung GmbH


As a federal agency, Wiener Zeitung needed a password management system that could meet all security requirements. However, their existing tool was missing critical features and failed to offer vital connection options into other systems and tools.

Accordingly, the company began looking for a reliable and centralized solution that would enable easy yet secure access, as well as credential sharing without disclosing passwords. Moreover, they wanted an easy-to-use solution that would ensure fast adoption, so they could eliminate risky workarounds like keeping passwords on sticky notes, reusing the same password for multiple logins, and sharing passwords by email. 

The oldest newspaper adds modern password management solution to improve employee productivity and improve access control.

Netwrix Solution

Netwrix Password Secure delivered all the capabilities that Wiener Zeitung was looking for, and more. With the solution, the company was able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration. Netwrix Password Secure enables easy connection to other systems and tools, including Active Directory for quick and accurate user synchronization.
  • Ease of use. Employees eagerly adopted the new solution. They can now access their credentials from any device, including their tablets and smartphones, so they can be productive even when they are away from their desktop.
  • Security and compliance. The built-in password generator makes it easy for everyone to meet password strength requirements, such as length and complexity. They can easily share passwords with colleagues in a secure manner for a limited period of time, and all access to credentials is continuously monitored and logged.
  • Simple administration. All credentials can be managed centrally in a secure location; users do not need to type or even remember all their various passwords.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced security through automatic creation of strong passwords and secure sharing
  • Reduced the IT burden with simple administration and easy integration with other key systems
  • Improved productivity due to automated login and anywhere access
  • Ensured compliance with regulations for strong passwords and control over credential use
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Customer Profile

Wiener Zeitung is a modern media company based in Austria with a workforce of over 200 employees. Established in 1703, it publishes the oldest daily newspaper worldwide still in circulation. 

Customer: Wiener Zeitung GmbH

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