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Consultancy Agency Ensures Secure Access from Anywhere with Netwrix Password Secure

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Whether for the tax office, DATEV or banking portals, I trust Netwrix Password Secure with highly sensitive access data and know that they are safe there — critical accesses are no problem for us.

Christoph Bach, CFO at TAP.DE 


As a consultancy, TAP.DE has needs to be able to securely access their customers’ portals, which have a wide range of password policies, as well as portals for airline bookings, car rental companies, hotels, government agencies and more. But its previous password manager was dated and no longer met the company’s requirements. 

Accordingly, TAP.DE sought a modern password management solution that could be used by all employees across all departments and enable the company to require more complex passwords without impeding business processes. The solution also had to provide secure sharing of credentials and allow access from anywhere and on any device, and work with their existing multifactor authentication (MFA) processes.

No more remembering special characters and punctuation marks, no more worrying about lost passwords: All I have to do on the many partner portals is click on my blue circle in the browser, log in and that‘s it — as simple as it is brilliant!

Corinna Kögl, Sales Controlling at TAP.DE

Netwrix Solution

After extensive testing, TAP.DE chose Netwrix Password Secure for its internal use. Moreover, they are so satisfied with the solution that they now include in their portfolio and recommend it to customers. With Netwrix Password Secure, TAP.DE has achieved all of the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free password management. Because Netwrix Password Secure offers a range of views and customizable settings, every employee can easily use it — enabling TAP.DE to eliminate the need for manual password management across all departments. The browser extension makes it easy to create and use credentials to log in to websites. With the app, employees can access their passwords from any office or while on the road; they can unlock the app simply by holding their physical MFA hardware device up to their smartphone.
  • Accurate credential assignment. Department managers can easily determine which employees can access which passwords, ensuring far more accuracy than an IT-centric approach allows. Employees request an extra approval for password use to enforce multiple-control and the least privilege principle.
  • Strong security. Netwrix Password Secure automatically generates highly complex password and stores them securely, which eliminates the burden of inventing or remembering passwords. As a result, passwords on sticky notes are a thing of the past and awareness of proper password hygiene has increased across the company. In addition, teams can now share credentials securely.
  • Compliance and accountability. TAP.DE has set up password policies in Netwrix Password Secure and can prove compliance with them at any time. Plus, every action in Password Secure is logged and available for audits or investigations.
Key Benefits
  • Quick adoption by all teams
  • Secure access to credentials from anywhere
  • Better collaboration with secure password sharing
  • Integration with existing multifactor authentication tool
  • Stronger access control and accountability
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Customer Profile

Since 2007, consulting company TAP.DE been helping companies and public institutions through the development and optimization of business processes, as well as sustainable IT operations. Strong security, efficiency and compliance has earned TAP.DE the trust of a wide range of organizations, from Georg Fischer AG to the city of Munich. 

Customer: TAP.DE Solutions GmbH

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