Tax Executives Institute, Inc.

Tax Executives Institute Secures Employee Sensitive Data

SSN and W-2
Of employees secured
5 hours a week
Saved on user activity monitoring

Providing information at a moment’s notice, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, great customer support — all of this is about Netwrix Auditor. It enables us to keep all activity across the network on our radar and ensure the security of critical data. It is a very handy solution that saves us around 5 hours a week. I would absolutely recommend it to other IT pros.

Matt Rogers, IT & Web Support Specialist, Tax Executives Institute, Inc. 

  • Ensure availability of business-critical data.
  • Secure sensitive employee data, including their Social Security numbers and W-2 forms.

With Netwrix Auditor, it takes mere minutes to review all activity around the data and make sure that employees are not violating policies or compromising our security.

Matt Rogers, IT & Web Support Specialist, TEI

Netwrix Solution

Matt Rogers was impressed with Netwrix Auditor’s straightforward, user-friendly interface. He especially liked that the software delivers all the data he needs in the daily reports. 

  • Tighter control over accounts and permissions. Netwrix Auditor summarizes information on all changes across Active Directory in an easy-to-read format. This enables Matt to spot if any new users were added to AD or had their permissions changed and make sure that all modifications were authorized. Matt also receives alerts on critical actions, such as when someone adds a user to an administrative group, which empowers him to detect and respond to malicious activities faster.
  • Visibility into business-critical data. The software informs Matt about all activity across file servers, e.g. critical changes and both failed and successful access events. This enables him to make sure that only authorized staff can access and modify business-critical information and detect data misuse in the early stages.
Key Benefits
  • Solidified security of the IT environment and critical data
  • Improved accountability of employees
  • Saved valuable IT time
Customer Profile

Tax Executives Institute, Inc. (TEI) is a global association of in-house tax professionals founded in 1944 in New York, U.S. The institute has nearly 7,000 members aligned in 56 chapters, and represents over 2,800 leading businesses in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. TEI serves its members by delivering education, networking and advocacy throughout the world. Its mission is to enhance and improve the tax system and serve society by promoting competence and professionalism in both the private and government sectors. 

Customer: Tax Executives Institute, Inc.

Industry: Nonprofit