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Teach For America Needs 20 Minutes to Get Ready for Internal Audits

Corps members
20 minutes
To get ready for an audit

For us, Netwrix Auditor has been a lifesaver. There have been instances when changes were made to critical systems and we investigated and resolved these issues in mere minutes. Netwrix Auditor enables us to detect anomalous behavior around critical privileged accounts and streamline audit preparation time from several weeks to just 20 minutes.

Anthony Jarrett, Director of Enterprise Services, Teach For America

  • Maintain the stability of the organization’s critical IT systems.
  • Ensure that only authorized users access teachers' personal data on file shares.
  • Undergo internal audits and provide evidence to auditors.

We provide auditors all information they need with nicely formatted reports, like how do we monitor changes in the environment or who was the last person to log in with the service account. Before, it took us weeks to satisfy audit requests, while now it is about 20 minutes or less.

Anthony Jarrett, Director of Enterprise Services, 

Teach For America

Netwrix Solution

Anthony saw Netwrix Auditor as an enabler for compliance audits first. He appreciates search capabilities of the software together with instant alerts and reports. 

  • Control over data access. Anthony’s team monitors changes to data access permissions and security group memberships and makes sure that users’ privileges and data access rights are granted on a need-to-know basis. Netwrix Auditor also simplifies auditing of user accounts that belong to C-level employees. When Anthony and executive leadership team receive an alert that a C-level person’s account is locked out, Anthony immediately checks who is trying to log in and verifies whether there is a malicious intent.
  • Better helpdesk training. Anthony detects mistakes that less-experienced team members make, so he can instruct them better. When somebody accidentally moved an entire OU, he used Netwrix Auditor to revert the change, determine who did it and give this person additional instructions. In this way, the software improves employee training and enables the IT team to minimize business downtime due to human errors.
  • Faster audits. Anthony underlined that Netwrix Auditor has been invaluable for passing quarterly audits. He uses the software to quickly find answers to auditors’ questions and spend less time on reports generation.
Key Benefits
  • Security of data and critical user accounts
  • Business continuity
  • Fast and painless audits
  • Improved IT personnel training
Customer Profile

Teach For America (TFA) is a nonprofit organization that has become one of the country’s largest providers of teachers in high-needs communities. Founded in New York, U.S., in 1990, the organization recruits promising leaders, including college graduates from top universities around the U.S., to teach in high-need communities. During its 28- year history, TFA has reached millions of students and added 52,000+ alumni to its initiative.

Customer: Teach For America

Industry: Nonprofit

Website: www.teachforamerica.org