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Mission Capital Advisors Improves Data Security and Enhances IT Productivity

2 audits
Every month
Less time on audit preparations

I feel that Netwrix Auditor does things uniquely. It provides us with pervasive visibility that helps us pass audits much faster and more easily. We do not have to go through masses of Windows logs anymore, and on average, audits take 35% less time. From the standpoint of data security, the software helps us promptly identify malicious or just suspicious things that happen around sensitive data and investigate them quickly.

Patryk Braganza-Gallagher, IT Operations Manager, Mission Capital Advisors

  • Prove reliability to clients by successfully passing audits, at least two audits per month.
  • Secure personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data of the customers.
  • Gain better understanding of how users interact with sensitive data and monitor their activity to prevent misuse.

I don’t have to guess what has happened anymore. With Netwrix Auditor, I know for sure right away. If a non-authorized user accessed a folder with important data, the software will alert me and show who did it, exactly which folder and file he touched, and when it happened.

Patryk Braganza-Gallagher, IT Operations Manager, Mission Capital Advisors

Netwrix Solution

Netwrix Auditor was a natural choice for Patryk because he had used some of Netwrix’s free tools before. Further, he was glad to deploy the whole platform that enables him to see administrative-level changes and audit the file shares seamlessly.

  • Visibility into manipulations with sensitive data. Patryk uses Netwrix Auditor to review activity around file servers and ensure that employees’ access permissions do not exceed their job functions. This helps him reduce the risk of data being overexposed or mishandled. The software also alerts him to worrisome activity, such as bulk file modifications or deletions. This information is crucial for maintaining security controls required by clients and quickly detecting security incidents.
  • Optimized reporting for audits. Netwrix Auditor is the main solution the company uses for compliance. Patryk estimated that now he spends around 35% less time on audits every month, which enables him to focus on other important projects.
  • Advanced alerting. With its detailed alerts and extensive reporting, Netwrix Auditor provides visibility into the activity of users, including privileged users like administrators, and helps Patryk eliminate guesswork when conducting investigations. Though Mission Capital Advisors has not experienced any severe security incidents, this information gives it peace of mind.
Key Benefits
  • Improved data security
  • Streamlined auditing
  • Enhanced IT productivity
Customer Profile

Mission Capital Advisors LLC is a boutique investment bank that offers financial advisory services, such as residential, commercial and consumer loan and asset sales; loan syndication; and real estate debt and equity financing advisory services. Additionally, it offers commercial mortgage banking and private equity capital raising services. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in New York, U.S., with additional offices in Florida, California and Texas.

Customer: Mission Capital Advisors

Industry: Financial Services

Website: www.missioncap.com