Unigarant Needs Just Two Minutes, Instead of Two Days, to Secure Customer Data and Prove Compliance

€ 388 million
Premium annual revenue
2 minutes
To prove compliance with policies

Before Netwrix Auditor, we weren’t able to ensure that every permission and configuration was right across all the systems we have to report on: Active Directory, Exchange, file servers, SQL Server, VMware and so on. For a security or compliance check, we needed at least 2 days to produce the necessary reports. Today, it takes only 2 minutes to prove that there were no security policy violations.

Gerrit Meijering, IT Specialist, Unigarant

  • Enable user behavior analytics across most critical systems, including Active Directory, Exchange, Windows file servers, SQL server and VMware.
  • Establish reporting on access events and modifications to security configurations to reduce security risks to customer data and ensure compliance.

We use the out-of-the box compliance reports that Netwrix Auditor offers and if we need to provide a report for a specific request, we use Interactive Search, and we quickly get what the auditors want. The reports are easy to understand and our auditors are completely satisfied.

Gerrit Meijering, IT Specialist, Unigarant

Netwrix Solution

The IT team opted for Netwrix Auditor because it was thoroughly analyzing user behavior and enabled control over changes, configurations and access across all critical IT systems.


  • Timely detection of data security threats. In just 2 minutes, the IT team can now run reports that deliver deep visibility into changes and data access, such as non-owner access to mailboxes or changes to databases and folders containing sensitive content. The team also uses the software to review user behavior patterns and detect anomalous actions. For critical changes, appropriate Unigarant staff members get email alerts that enable them to respond quickly and troubleshoot issues related to security violations.
  • Streamlined compliance. Netwrix Auditors simplifies the process of proving compliance with the Dutch Data Protection Act, which the insurance company is subject to. Because every action is documented carefully, Unigarant can more easily prove it has all required security controls in place.
Key Benefits
  • Detection of insider threats and external attacks in their early stages
  • Faster security checks and compliance audits
Customer Profile

Unigarant is an insurance company based in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. A subsidiary of ANWB, it is a market leader in bicycle and motorcycle insurance and is also a specialist in mobility, holidays and leisure insurance. The company works through channels such as insurance brokers, retailers and travel agencies and also conducts direct sales through ANWB offices. 

Customer: Unigarant

Industry: Financial Services

Website: www.unigarant.nl