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Netwrix Auditor provides us with comprehensive reports and alerts on changes in all crucial systems, so we don’t have to process raw audit data manually to identify what is happening. Thanks to Netwrix Auditor, we receive pervasive visibility across our IT environment, which enables us to achieve a proper level of security and stay compliant.

Slavomir Vesely, Chief Information Officer, WOOD & Company

  • Ensure security of organization’s network and financial data.
  • Streamline compliance with technical banking regulations.
  • Provide a stable connection between all the branches.

Netwrix Auditor simplified the auditing processes. Now we tell auditors that we use Netwrix Auditor to streamline all necessary monitoring processes; for most of them, it’s enough. Others ask us to demonstrate it in use and that’s also not a problem. Running a couple of reports or showing the Interactive Search capabilities usually suffices.

Slavomir Vesely, Chief Information Officer, 

WOOD & Company

Netwrix Solution

Slavomir chose Netwrix Auditor because of its simplicity and ease of deployment. Also, he values Netwrix Auditor's functionality, e.g. alerting capabilities and predefined reports. 

  • Enterprise-wide overview of activities. Slavomir receives daily reports that show all mailbox access events and all changes to database content, SQL server configurations, Exchange permissions, RDP access, hardware devices, DNS and more. Also, Slavomir receives alerts to all critical events, e.g. somebody deleting or editing critical folders. This enables Slavomir to spot malicious activities and speed up investigation and remediation.
  • System uptime across all locations. Slavomir uses the software to track changes to Active Directory and Group Policy objects and ensure that systems are functioning properly across all branches. With Netwrix, he detects and troubleshoots issues faster and ensures system availability for the WOOD’s employees and partner stock exchanges.
  • Streamlined auditing processes. WOOD undergoes several types of audits from Czech Republic authorities and from regulators in other countries where the bank operates. Slavomir uses Interactive Search capabilities and reports to prove to auditors that his IT team is aware of what is happening in their systems and has control over user activities.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous security of the IT environment
  • Uninterrupted business processes
  • Effective internal controls and simplified audits
Customer Profile

WOOD & Company is the leading investment bank in emerging Europe. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Prague, its footprint spans the region and touches investors around the globe. WOOD executed many of the first CEE equity trades and landmark investment banking transactions. Today it has branch offices in London, Milan, Warsaw, Bratislava and Bucharest, and continues to expand its relevance and reach in the rapidly evolving markets.

Customer: WOOD & Company

Industry: Financial Services

Website: www.wood.cz