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Medical Center Clinic Slashes Time Spent on HIPAA Audits by 40%

Less time spent on HIPAA audits
10 days
To get ready for audits
Members in the IT team

For security and compliance reasons, we must regularly monitor activity across the IT infrastructure. Before, I was working 80–90 hours a week trying to review it. Netwrix Auditor automated the monitoring process and cut my workload in half. It greatly reduced unauthorized administrative-level changes, improved our security and streamlined the compliance process. Now it takes 40% less time to prepare for HIPAA audits. 

Juan Galvan, Network Administrator, Medical Center Clinic

  • Maintain the security of all electronic medical records (EMRs).
  • Adhere to requirements of HIPAA and pass annual audits.
  • Cut the time spent on audit preparations.

Netwrix Auditor enables us to promptly detect operational issues that may potentially cost the clinic hours of downtime and affect our patients. Now the number of changes made without my consultation has gone down to almost zero, and the IT staff became more conscious about their deeds. 

Juan Galvan, Network Administrator, 

Medical Center Clinic

Netwrix Solution

Juan considered ease of use as the biggest factor for purchasing Netwrix Auditor. He also liked its reporting capabilities, which enable him to have full visibility into systems and data. 

  • Easy monitoring of file server activity. Juan uses daily reports on all file server activity to see what's happening to critical data there. This enables him to detect and thwart malicious activity before a data breach occurs — in half the time he used to spend on less effective user monitoring. In addition, Netwrix Auditor provides an overview of excessive access permissions, which enables Juan to eliminate them and make sure that only groups of the appropriate users can access and modify sensitive data.
  • Time savings on audit preparation. During the annual HIPAA audits the clinic must fill out a framework to prove that user activities are monitored. Netwrix Auditor consolidates all the required information on activity across the network and saves Juan weeks of work. As a result, his team spends about 10 days on audit preparation instead of a month.
  • Increased accountability of IT personnel. Juan uses detailed information about user activities to make sure that actions of IT personnel do not disrupt business processes. Juan promptly detects operational issues that could potentially cost the clinic hours of downtime, which increases accountability of clinic's IT staff.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous HIPAA compliance
  • Strong data security
  • Uninterrupted business processes
  • IT workload reduced by 40%
Customer Profile

Based in Pensacola, Florida, U.S., Medical Center Clinic has been providing coordinated healthcare to the residents of northwest Florida and south Alabama for almost 80 years. The Clinic has built a reputation as a premier healthcare provider that encompasses a variety of nationally recognized specialty services and programs, and is a leader in putting technology to work for patients. 

Customer: Medical Center Clinic

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