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ADEKA Singapore Ensures Internal Security Policy Effectiveness and Business Continuity

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We quickly recognized all Netwrix Auditor benefits. Regular reporting helps us meet internal policy requirements, particular guard against security incidents and are the best for quick submission at the request of the Head Office. That is why our choice was obvious.

Nigel Lim, IT Manager, ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Maintain a stable IT environment. The company needed to achieve visibility across its entire network to be able to quickly find and revert unwanted changes before they result in system downtime.
  • Establish strong data security controls that would enable IT team to prove the effectiveness of security policy.

When we were exploring alternatives for auditing solutions among the SC Awards winners and finalists, most of them didn’t have a suite of products. We wanted to audit File Servers, Exchange, Active Directory—all our systems at once. Netwrix Auditor was the only solution that provided the coverage we needed.

Nigel Lim, IT Manager, ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd

Netwrix Solution

Nigel Lim, IT Manager at ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd, values Netwrix Auditor because of its cost efficiency and ability to solve multiple problems.

  • Surveillance of privileged accounts and business continuity. Netwrix Auditor enables Nigel to control deletions or relocations of particular files and ensure that the permissions are granted on the need-to-know basis. He remediates problems caused by human errors or incorrect configuration changes that cause services to stop, and maintain system stability.
  • Enhanced data security. Netwrix Auditor provides Nigel with detailed reporting on who did what, when and where. This helps him prove that no malicious activity around sensitive data goes unnoticed.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced security of the IT environment and data
  • Minimization of system downtime
  • Saved time on reporting to the head office
Customer Profile

ADEKA (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ADEKA Corporation, Japan, was set up in 1988. For the past 27 years, through the experienced and reliable technology, safe quality products and the commitment to continual improvement of its production processes, the company has been the leading manufacturer and a seller of frying oil, shortening, margarine, frozen dough, taste sheets, mayonnaise products in Singapore, and a forerunner of the trend in the industry. 

Customer: ADEKA Singapore

Industry: Consumer Products