DENSO Manufacturing Hungary

DENSO Secures Design Projects and Streamlines J-SOX Compliance

1700+ users
Accessing systems daily
Mere minutes
To detect critical changes
Automated system monitoring

Netwrix Auditor is not just a product for internal IT audits, but a powerful platform for reporting to the higher management who checks our J-SOX compliance. I doubt that we would meet all the requirements without it. Such a high level of visibility assures us that all critical systems are secure and that we are in continuous compliance. Without Netwrix Auditor, we would need to hire at least two people to monitor the systems nonstop. 

Balazs Szegfu, Information Systems Expert, DENSO Manufacturing Hungary

  • Prove compliance with J-SOX upon the head office’s request.
  • Demonstrate that proprietary and confidential data is secure.
  • Avoid system disruption.

The software enables us to efficiently fulfill the requirements of J-SOX — otherwise, we would need at least two employees to do 24/7 monitoring. We can easily retrieve necessary data whenever auditors show up and demonstrate that compliance is an ongoing process, not a chance event. 

Balazs Szegfu, Information Systems Expert, 

DENSO Manufacturing Hungary

Netwrix Solution

Balazs values Netwrix Auditor for its detailed reports on changes to Active Directory and file servers, as well as its agentless mode that doesn't affect system performance. 

  • Fast incident discovery and investigation. Balazs uses Netwrix Auditor to detect and investigate activities that violate security policies and may lead to downtime or data loss. He uses Interactive Search to quickly find who did what and make sure that it was not malicious. He also receives alerts on critical events and regularly reviews activity summaries to react immediately if something is wrong.
  • Streamlined J-SOX compliance. Netwrix Auditor provides all data Balazs needs to successfully pass audits, such as details about access and changes to sensitive information, logon activity and account policy states. This enables him to meet all the J-SOX requirements and demonstrate that compliance is an ongoing process at DMHU.
  • Optimized routine tasks performance. Netwrix Auditor lessens the burden of the daily grind, such as manual Active Directory and file server monitoring, which enables IT staff to focus on more critical issues. For example, it takes Balazs a couple of minutes to find and disable inactive accounts, so he can move on to more important tasks.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous compliance
  • Strong security of critical data
  • Lower risk of business downtime
  • Increased productivity
Customer Profile

DENSO Manufacturing Hungary (DMHU) is a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, which was founded in Japan in 1949. The company is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers, including BMW, Jaguar and Volkswagen. DMHU was incorporated in 1997 to become one of over 190 DENSO facilities. It started business with diesel injection pumps and now manufactures a wide range of powertrain management products.

Customer: DENSO Manufacturing Hungary

Industry: Manufacturing