Zeon Chemicals LP

Zeon Chemicals Prepares for J-SOX Audits and Saves Hours on Monthly Internal Checks

Employees worldwide
$2.9 billion
Consolidated sales
2 hours
Saved per every audit

Netwrix Auditor became a cornerstone of our IT strategy because it helps us improve overall security and automate internal audit activities, and will definitely ease J-SOX reporting. Now we can also more quickly detect and investigate activity that could potentially lead to sensitive data exfiltration or tampering.

Jochen Sievert, Director Information Technology, Zeon Chemicals LP

  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of financial data, such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements, to comply with J-SOX.
  • Increase control over the IT environment comprising 5 data centers, 100 servers, 250 endpoints and 300+ network users.

Thanks to the software, we found a machine that was changing every file on the attribute level daily, and quickly took it offline. Later on, we found out that this rogue PC ran a daily script. Without Netwrix Auditor, I don’t think we would have even been able to detect there is an issue until the file server had become unresponsive.

Jochen Sievert, Director Information Technology, Zeon Chemicals LP

Netwrix Solution

Jochen was unhappy with the previous solution he used to monitor user activity, since it took 99% of servers’ performance to run SQL monitoring, so while it was collecting the data, nobody could work with databases; they also had to go through different interfaces to get the audit data. Netwrix Auditor is very lightweight and does not influence the company's system performance; it was also easy to install and use and aggregates all information within one interface. 


  • Improved control over SQL servers with far less effort. Before, Jochen's team had to export logs to Excel and manually check if all changes in SQL matched with the ticketing system, as required by J-SOX. Now his team receives information on activity across all SQL servers in one report that can be filtered easily, saving them at least two hours on monthly internal audits.
  • Faster investigations. Now the IT team can track down harmful activity faster. For instance, when Jochen looked through the Enterprise Overview dashboard, he detected an unusual spike of activity on the file servers and quickly found a rogue PC running a daily script.
  • Improved reporting for audits. Netwrix Auditor enables Jochen to automate the internal auditing process to make sure that all security controls are followed. He expects that the software will also help him strengthen J-SOX controls and improve reporting, so it will become easier to provide auditors with the evidence that Zeon's financial statements are secure and weren’t maliciously modified.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced risk of data breaches and data tampering
  • Enabled faster incident investigations
  • Simplified internal and external audits
Customer Profile

Zeon Chemicals is a U.S. subsidiary of the Japan-based chemical manufacturer Zeon Corporation, which was established in 1950. Zeon Chemicals specializes in producing and supplying synthetic rubbers, specialty resins and electronic components. The company operates plants in Kentucky, Texas and Mississippi, and has been serving a variety of businesses, from aerospace and defense companies to the automotive industry, for almost 30 years.

Customer: Zeon Chemicals LP

Industry: Manufacturing

Website: www.zeonchemicals.com