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Progress Residential® Secures Exchange Online and Satisfies Legal Requests Six Times Faster

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Netwrix Auditor is an intuitive platform that enables us to detect security gaps in a timely manner. There are no if’s or but’s about the data provided by Netwrix Auditor; it is unbiased and cannot be modified. We always know what is going on in the environment.

Cody Lavallee, IT Infrastructure Manager, Progress Residential®

  • Ensure the security and availability of Exchange Online.
  • Detect rogue actors before a data breach occurs.
  • Get ready for OCC audits faster.

Netwrix Auditor does not only gather all the data we need for internal audits, but also enables us to speed up the entire process by taking the usual 2–3 hour timeframe down to 30 minutes.”

Cody Lavallee, IT Infrastructure Manager, 

Progress Residential®

Netwrix Solution

Cody Lavallee chose Netwrix Auditor because of its ease of use, intuitive interface and the broad coverage of systems. He also found platform's reporting capabilities extremely useful.

  • Visibility into Exchange Online. Cody gets clear insights into activity across Exchange Online, such as changes to user properties, group permissions and server rules and mailbox access attempts. Once he caught an external actor who got access to a mailbox and changed the rules to delete all email replies. Netwrix Auditor alerted him to that, so he locked things down immediately and prevented system disruptions.
  • Detection of suspicious behavior. Cody especially values User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis reports, which enable him to see trends in failed activity and detect signs of account compromise or insider misuse. The software also alerts him to mass data removals and file modifications, which can indicate a ransomware attack in progress.
  • Short and effective internal audits. Netwrix Auditor automates monitoring of the IT environment and provides unbiased information for successful OCC compliance. Cody quickly finds any information his team needs for internal audits, e.g. what changes were made in Active Directory, or who was the last to access the mailbox or file share.
Key Benefits
  • Maximized Exchange Online uptime
  • Continuous data protection
  • Fast investigation of security incidents
  • Proactive approach to compliance
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Progress Residential® is one of the largest providers of high-quality, single-family rental homes in the U.S., offering housing in the country’s fastest growing markets. It has a corporate office in Scottsdale, Arizona, and 16 regional offices across the country. Progress Residential® sees its mission as providing the highest quality service to current and future residents, employees, and investors through professionalism, integrity and responsiveness.

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