Midwest Groundcovers

Midwest Groundcovers Ensures Data Protection and Saves Hours of Work

700 acres
Of production facilities
100 hours
Saved on routine tasks

 There is so much involved in Netwrix Auditor: early ransomware detection, alerts on abnormal activity, file analysis and so on. Also, it saved me hundreds of hours I would have had to spend analyzing who has permissions to what data in the company and rebuilding them. I feel very comfortable knowing that Netwrix Auditor has my back.

Steven Kaiser, IT Manager, Midwest Groundcovers 

  • Secure critical data across multiple locations.
  • Mitigate the risk of security breaches.

I am feeling way more comfortable knowing if somebody changed a bunch of files or tried to do that but failed. This is one of the best ways for early detection of ransomware. If I had a ransomware attack and Netwrix Auditor alerted me, the potential savings would be hundreds of hours.

Steven Kaiser, IT Manager, Midwest Groundcovers 

Netwrix Solution

Steven Kaiser turned to Netwrix Auditor due to its weekly activity summaries for file servers, which enabled Kaiser to see who has access to what.

  • Better security of file servers. The software enabled Steven to clean up data access permissions and implement the least-privilege model. Steven spotted and eliminated inappropriate privilege elevation and now regularly reviews reports to resolve such issues right away. Steven also runs daily reports on file server activity to detect improper actions around the data in time and prevent security incidents. Finally, Netwrix Auditor enables him to identify stale and duplicate files to avoid growth of data and file server instability.
  • Early detection of security threats. Steven receives alerts on suspicious actions, such as bulk file modifications, failed logins and failed data access attempts. This enables him to detect threats like ransomware at early stages. Also, Steven uses the software to identify and delete inactive user accounts, which always pose a threat to data security.
  • Fast detection of critical changes. Steven receives alerts on any critical changes in Active Directory that may impact the company's operations, which enables him to take action and quickly resolve the issue. He also sees such actions as an opportunity to educate users and make sure everyone in the company contributes to the its success and stability.
Key Benefits
  • Security of customer and corporate data
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Continuous system uptime
Customer Profile

Midwest Groundcovers, LLC, is an industry leader in the propagation, growing and wholesale distribution of nursery stock. It is a part of the family of companies that includes Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc. and Midwest GROmaster. They operate over 700 acres of stateof-the-art nursery production facilities at six locations in Illinois and Michigan, U.S. Each year, these nurseries produce millions of container plants, including more than 130 different groundcover varieties, over 240 species of local ecotype native plants, 140 regional Midwest native species and much more. 

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