Grey Owl Engineering

Grey Owl Engineering Efficiently Governs 100+ TB of Data and Resolves File Issues in 10 Minutes

2 minutes
To investigate an IT incident
10 minutes
To resolve a file issue

Netwrix Auditor brings substantial value to our organization. The reports generated are clear and easy to understand. Just recently there was an extremely important file change, and, to avoid a lot of finger pointing, I used Netwrix Auditor and alleviated the doubt about who did it within 2 minutes.

Joel Roy, IT Manager, Grey Owl Engineering

  • Establish control over manipulations with hundreds of terabytes data containing maps and engineering drawings.
  • Failure to establish such control could affect business operations, lead to problems at the construction stage and limit the firm’s ability to provide quality services to its clients.

I can assure you now, without a shadow of the doubt, that there is much more due care and attention to file changes and file deletions in the company. The employees are now more aware, more detail-oriented in their work. Because if they are not, and there is an issue, their errors and their lack of attention to detail can be found.

Joel Roy, IT Manager, Grey Owl Engineering

Netwrix Solution

Joel Roy, IT manager at Grey Owl Engineering, needed a solution that would enable him to find anything he wanted to know about any file. He opted for Netwrix Auditor, noting that “it was easy to use and had a nice interface. Everything was great right from the demo, so it was an obvious decision.” 

  • Complete control over files and quick investigation of issues. Netwrix Auditor enables Joel to easily track all file read attempts, modifications, moves and deletions, and to address any issues in minutes. The software enabled Joel to find out what happened to any file in 10 minutes, whereas in the past it would take at least 2 or 3 hours each time.
  • Efficient data governance. Pre-built file analysis reports list data owners, empty folders and file duplicates, which has helped Joel clean up unnecessary files. As a result, he can now manage the huge volumes of data in a more efficient manner and provide even better support to business users who need the data in their daily work. In addition, one of the reports indicated that some users had more access rights that they needed, so he removed the excessive permissions, which reduced data exposure.
  • Changed employee behavior. Managers at the firm use the data provided by Netwrix Auditor to give employees more efficient training on policies and procedures, and to enable accountability.
Key Benefits
  • Improved quality of business services
  • Enabled better support of business users
  • Ensured more efficient data governance
  • Increased efficiency of IT operations
Customer Profile

Grey Owl Engineering, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, is a leading midsize company that provides a comprehensive range of engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) services to the national and international oil and gas industry. The firm has broad experience in pipelines and upstream facilities, and demonstrates industry leadership through the development of pipeline leak detection systems and innovative facility designs that reduce costs while improving operability.

Customer: Grey Owl Engineering

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