Rockford Toolcraft, Inc.

Rockford Toolcraft Secures Customer Data and Increases Productivity of the IT Department

1 minute
To investigate an issue

Our experience with Netwrix Auditor has been really positive; we enjoy the daily reports and the visibility it provides for our department. We gained full control over critical events, can better safeguard sensitive customer data and stay a reliable partner for our clients. Plus, it is of help in investigating various issues that usually took us hours, if not days, before — Netwrix Auditor does it in a couple of minutes.

Ed Blanchard, IT Manager, Rockford Toolcraft

  • Prevent mishandling, compromise or loss of sensitive files, such as design projects and CAD drawings for customer products, to meet contractual obligations and remain a reliable partner.
  • Maintain data availability to authorized personnel.

Sometimes users accidentally delete original files from the shares. It used to take us hours to find out who exactly deleted which file and retrieve it from the archive. Netwrix Auditor already has this information — just a minute away — and I know which file to look for.

Ed Blanchard, IT Manager, Rockford Toolcraft

Netwrix Solution

Ed chose Netwrix Auditor for its ready-to-go and easy-to-read reports, which ensure that he does not have to dig around raw audit data to understand what’s going on with sensitive files. 

  • Ensured data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Netwrix Auditor summarizes activity across the file shares, so Ed can see all changes made to files, folders, shares and permissions, as well as all successful and failed access attempts. With this information, he can now easily pinpoint abnormal activity that could pose a risk to sensitive data and easily find accidentally deleted files.
  • Optimized workflows within the IT department. By providing the visibility into Active Directory and Group Policy, Netwrix Auditor extends transparency into workflows across the whole IT department. The software bridges communication within the department: it shows what tasks were already done by Ed's teammates, so they can avoid redundancy and also double check that it was done right. It has been especially critical for onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Refined employee training. The software alerts Ed to critical events, such as changes to the membership of sensitive security groups, and shows who made the change. These alerts not only enable him to promptly catch and correct any deviations from security policy that could affect data security and availability, but also to proactively prevent future errant changes by going straight to the IT specialist responsible and explaining the proper workflow again.
Key Benefits
  • Improved data security and availability
  • Enhanced productivity of the IT department
Customer Profile

Rockford Toolcraft, Inc., based in Rockford, Illinois, U.S., specializes in heavy-gauge stampings and high-quality metal stamping dies. Since its start in 1976 as a two-man tool and die shop, the company has grown into a modern progressive die and heavy gauge stamping operation with two plants and over 400 skilled employees. Its constant re-investment in technology, equipment and, most important of all, skilled people, have made Rockford Toolcraft a leader in the industry.

Customer: Rockford Toolcraft, Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing