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Landmark Structures Secures Hybrid IT Environment and Increases Accountability of Outsourced Teams

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1 brute-force attack
Spotted and thwarted

Netwrix Auditor is great software that works well in hybrid environments. It helps us validate compliance with security policies, and ensure that our internal team, contract IT staff, and consultants are following processes correctly and there is no malicious intent in their actions. Overall, we are now confident that our servers are secure. 

Adam Billmeier, Director of Information Systems, Landmark Structures 

  • Prevent data breaches and system outages across the hybrid IT environment.
  • Better supervision of the activity of contracted IT staff and consultants that have access to Active Directory, Office 365 and internal file servers.

Over the course of an evening, a server experienced several thousand failed logins. We determined someone was hammering the web server and were able to quickly identify and eliminate vulnerability. If it wasn’t for Netwrix Auditor, we may not have known that we had this issue until the attackers succeeded in fully compromising the system.

Adam Billmeier, Director of Information Systems, Landmark Structures

Netwrix Solution

Adam  opted for Netwrix Auditor because it is easy to setup and begin using very quickly with minimal configuration. The ease of deployment was quite useful, as his team was operational within a couple of hours.

  • Enabled enforcement of security policies. Adam leverages Netwrix Auditor’s reports and alerts to ensure that the activity of internal staff, contract IT staff, and consultants aligns with company policies. It helps him better control the membership of user and distribution groups, user account provisioning, Active Directory configurations, changes within Exchange, and so on.
  • Streamlined detection and investigation of issues. Now Adam can track down issues much faster. Once he even spotted a brute-force attack by reviewing the daily report on failed logons and could quickly eliminate vulnerability to avoid system compromise.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced security of the IT environment
  • Increased accountability of IT staff
Customer Profile

Founded in 1974 in Canada and in 1985 in the U.S., Landmark Structures is an industry leader in the design, construction and maintenance of water storage tanks for the industrial, military, and municipal sectors. Landmark works throughout North America, with its principal offices in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Toronto and Chicago.

Customer: Landmark Structures

Industry: Construction