Synergia Group (France)

Synergia Group Ensures GDPR Compliance and Defeats Ransomware in Less than 90 Minutes

<90 minutes
To spot and restore from ransomware

When speaking about data protection, there is nothing worse than doubt. Netwrix Auditor eliminates all doubts and helps us monitor very precisely the activities on our network, and also to react effectively in case of anomalies. The software lets you know everything that is happening on the network in two clicks, whether for the GDPR or more generally for the security of our data. We are also planning to extend it to our third hospital, and that makes Netwrix Auditor an even more valuable technology investment.

Patrick Lozano, IT Manager, Cliniques Synergia

  • Ensure that personal healthcare information (PHI) is handled in accordance with the GDPR. This data is essential for key processes, such as confirming the identity of each patient, collecting information related to their medical treatments, and billing accurately.
  • Proactively identify security holes and automate security monitoring to detect issues in time to prevent security breaches.

Netwrix Auditor helps us turn the GDPR requirements into an opportunity to guarantee to our patients the highest level of protection for their personal data. We can now offer the maximum level of confidence to our patients, which is essential to our growth and development. 

Patrick Lozano, IT Manager, Cliniques Synergia

Netwrix Solution

IT manager Patrick Lozano, who had used Netwrix Auditor in his previous organization, explains the decision process at Synergia Group: “We selected Netwrix Auditor because brings us a comprehensive view and control over the data and connections to our network, including computers that we do not administrate ourselves — typically those of our medical partners who can access our network. Our choice of Netwrix Auditor was also reinforced by the increase in ransomware and the need to be able to react very quickly in the event of an attack.”

  • Better control over data manipulations. Netwrix Auditor enables the IT team to conduct data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) for processes that can result in privacy risks, as mandated by the GDPR. They also use the solution to automatically generate daily and weekly reports on logins and accesses to PHI.
  • Mitigated risk of ransomware. ”We experienced a situation that has unfortunately become common at many companies — the opening of an attachment infected by a crypto virus on a workstation connected to our network,” recalls Patrick. “Netwrix enabled us to immediately identify the infected computer and isolate the action of the virus, and then launch the restoration. In less than an hour and a half, everything was restored.”
  • Ensured GDPR compliance. By providing comprehensive and detailed reports on activities inside the network and alerts about anomalous activity, Netwrix Auditor enables the IT team to establish proper PHI security controls and efficiently respond to audits from the control authority.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced the security of PHI
  • Streamlined GDPR compliance
  • Enabled fast detection and response to ransomware
Customer Profile

Synergia Group comprises the two largest public-private hospitals in the Provence region in France. The hospitals, located in Carpentras and Cavaillon, specialize in surgery and are certified by the French health authority (HAS). Together, they employ 90 practitioners and 260 nursing staff and can accommodate 215 patients, enabling 20,000 stays per year.

Customer: Synergia Group (France)

Industry: Healthcare