Johnson County, Kansas

Johnson County in Kansas Needs Two Minutes, Instead of Two Hours, to Investigate Potential Threats

User accounts
2 minutes
To investigate an incident

As a government entity, we are a target for both intruders and malicious insiders. Whether we need a full user activity summary or want to investigate a particular event, Netwrix Auditor will quickly provide the results in easy-to-read format, while before it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The ability to set up alerts on specific events is also invaluable.

Jeremy George, System Administrator, Johnson County, Kansas

  • Establish control over critical systems, Active Directory and Group Policy, and gain better insight into the activity of more than 3,000 users.
  • Ensure the continuity of public services and the safety of the data entrusted to the county, such as cardholder information that citizens provide for tax collection, and other personal information.

In the past, we had terminated employees whose accounts were still active, so they could freely access our network and get the data. Using Netwrix Auditor, I have been able to close that security gap by regularly reviewing reports that detail the last logon time for each user account. 

Jeremy George, System Administrator, 

Johnson County, Kansas

Netwrix Solution

After carefully evaluating several products, Jeremy George, system administrator for Johnson County, chose Netwrix Auditor for its ease of use and high performance.


  • Cleaner and stronger Group Policy. When building Group Policy, the IT department cloned some policies and applied them to multiple OUs. Therefore, some groups, computers and users had elevated permissions. Netwrix Auditor showed Jeremy GPOs with their links and status, so the team could find invalid policies and rebuild them.
  • Identification of obsolete accounts. Jeremy started regularly reviewing Netwrix reports that detail the last logon time for each user account to prevent the unauthorized access by terminated employees. In total, he has already found and removed over 300 inactive users.
  • Faster detection and investigation of suspicious events. Daily summaries on user activity, detailed reports on the most critical changes, and user behavior and blind spot analysis reports enable Jeremy to trace suspicious insider activity faster — investigating a typical incident used to take around two hours, but now he can do it in minutes.
Key Benefits
  • Minimizes the risk of security incidents
  • Enables the detection of insider misuse in the early stages
  • Improves Active Directory and Group Policy structure
Customer Profile

Johnson County, Kansas, U.S., provides a variety of services to its residents through more than 40 offices, agencies, and departments. In addition to the traditional governmental operations of public health and safety, code regulation, and tax collection, Johnson County operates a major intermodal transportation system, twelve libraries, six multi-service centers, a park and recreation district, mental health and developmental support centers, a community corrections program, and a countywide wastewater system.

Customer: Johnson County, Kansas

Industry: Government