Machinery Manufacturer Secures Intellectual Property and Ensures Accountability of Contractors

5 minutes instead of two hours
To run investigation
Few seconds
To receive an audit report

To secure data, you need to react in a very short time. I like that Netwrix Auditor helps me detect anomalous situations and respond right away. I always recommend it to my peers because the software is really fast and cost efficient. In fact, Netwrix Auditor is one of the best products deployed in our environment! Netwrix is about awesome people doing amazing things.

Davide Conforti, IT Developer,

PAL Srl 

  • PAL needed to ensure that all data related to the woodworking machinery they produce remains secure. To detect security violations quickly and prevent intellectual property theft, they needed to audit the Windows file servers, Exchange Online and SharePoint systems used to store and process sensitive data.
  • The company hired third-party developers to support its ERP system, and the IT team wanted to closely monitor their activity across the underlying SQL databases to make sure they do not abuse their privileges or make incorrect changes that might disrupt operations.
  • The two-person IT team had been relying on manual log monitoring to spot security issues and conduct audits, but the process was inefficient and cumbersome, and delivered inaccurate results, leaving them unable to promptly detect incidents.

When you review logs manually, investigating an issue might take at least two hours. Netwrix slashed this time to five minutes.I was surprised with how powerful it is — it can assess very large data sets and respond to our queries in mere seconds.

Davide Conforti, IT Developer,


Netwrix Solution

Davide Conforti, IT developer at PAL, chose Netwrix Auditor because it provides clear and comprehensive insight into what’s happening inside their most critical systems and delivers easy-to-read audit reports in mere minutes. With the solution, the IT team has been able to gain the following benefits:

  • Prompt detection of suspicious changes. To stay on top of privilege escalation, Davide regularly reviews Netwrix Auditor reports on changes to permissions and group membership, especially any change that could affect access to intellectual property (IP) or sensitive mailboxes. He also reviews user activity across all critical shares containing IP and other sensitive data, looking for any abnormal behavior so he can respond immediately. For instance, the software helped him detect a user moving an entire folder on SharePoint; though this action was just a mistake, he valued that Netwrix uncovered the issue so quickly.
  • Continuous logon auditing. Davide pays particular attention to suspicious logons, as they can indicate a rogue employee, a brute-force attack or hackers trying to connect to the company’s resources. Netwrix Auditor alerts him to excessively rapid logons, failed SQL logons, logon attempts to a disabled account and failed logons to the VMware environment, so he can take action before any damage is done. This function was especially helpful when PAL shifted to remote work during the pandemic lockdown, enabling Davide to spot security issues and promptly address them.
  • Visibility into SQL Server. Now Davide can closely watch the activity of third-party developers who support the ERP system. Netwrix Auditor shows what exactly they are doing across SQL Server, including any changes they make to content and configurations, and Davide can easily filter the results by a particular user, object type or server. As a result, he can quickly detect and revert any unwanted changes to ensure availability of resources and avoid business disruptions.


Key Benefits
  • Secured critical intellectual property
  • Accelerated detection of security issues
  • Ensured accountability of contractors
  • Reduced time spent on change monitoring
Customer Profile

Founded in 1978, PAL is an Italian company that has become a world leader in manufacturing machinery for the production of wood-based panels. PAL is based in in Ponte di Piave, Treviso, Italy. 

Customer: PAL Srl

Industry: Manufacturing