IntaPeople Ensures GDPR Compliance and Enables Timely Detection of Illicit Activity

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Dedicated IT specialist
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Things have been hectic in the run up to GDPR, and Netwrix Auditor helps us fulfill regulatory demands. It enables me to manage data access permissions and make sure that data is processed and stored in accordance with the standard. I like the alerts that help me detect and thwart insider misuse at an early stage. As for the daily grind, it saves me a lot of time as I do not have to go through the vast logs generated in our environment.

Rob Samuel, IT Manager, IntaPeople 

  • Streamline monitoring of user activity across the IT infrastructure, with increased focus on file servers for ongoing GDPR compliance.
  • Detect and thwart violations around sensitive data, which includes candidates' IDs, passport images, phone numbers and so on.

“We had a case where Netwrix Auditor alerted me to multiple failed logons but as multi factor authentication (MFA) had been implemented, security was not compromised. Netwrix Auditor helped us detect this in time and even if MFA was not in place, Netwrix would allow me to carry out the necessary remediation in time. 

Rob Samuel, IT Manager, IntaPeople 

Netwrix Solution

Rob Samuel named several reasons in favor of Netwrix Auditor over the competition: user-friendly interface; ability to customize alerts and reports in order to receive only meaningful information without noise; painless implementation and configuration process. 

  • Meeting GDPR requirements. Netwrix Auditor enables Rob to make sure that the company stores and processes regulated information in compliance with GDPR. Namely, he can manage access to sensitive information and enable full visibility into data activity. For example, to make sure that sensitive data can be accessed only by authorized users, he uses the software to check data access permissions on a regular basis and detect any changes in access rights or group memberships. Plus, now Rob can easily find stale documents and then safely delete, as required by the legislation.
  • Detecting behavior anomalies. Netwrix Auditor helps Rob detect suspicious activity to identify and eliminate malicious intent in time. He especially values reports that show failed activity trend, as well as alerts on Active Directory changes, bulk file renames and deletions.
  • Reducing routine grind. Being the only person in the IT department, Rob uses Netwrix Auditor to optimize his daily routine. He can seamlessly monitor certain aspects of Active Directory, such as making sure that former employees’ accounts are disabled, and security group memberships are configured correctly. The software saves him around three to four hours a week, which is a good result for a fairly small environment.
Key Benefits
  • Ongoing GDPR compliance
  • Improved data access governance
  • Enhanced security of the IT environment
Customer Profile

IntaPeople is a specialist recruitment consultancy offering first-rate talent solutions within technology and engineering, with offices in Cardiff and London, UK. Since 1994, its team members have served as experts in sourcing high-quality candidates for a wide range of permanent, contract and temporary positions across Wales, the UK and Europe.

Customer: IntaPeople

Industry : Business Services