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Tesica Services Needs 10 Minutes to Get Visibility into User Activity and Secure Financial Data

10 minutes
To get ready for an audit

Monitoring of the entire environment is very important from the security perspective. And also audits are so much easier right now! We don’t have to worry about not having all the required controls in place or not being able to find the requested information quickly — Netwrix Auditor does the job for us, and does it well!

Rafael Gruber, Information Security Specialist, Tesica Services 

  • Improve the security of customers’ financial data.
  • Comply with the requirements from the regulatory body Superintendencia de Bancos de Panama.
  • Gain profound visibility into all changes across the IT environment to track user actions and prove that all user activity is authorized.

The breadth of the applications the platform covers is a great advantage for us, as we have a heterogeneous environment and use a variety of different applications from Microsoft, VMware, EMC and so on, both in the cloud and on prem. 

Rafael Gruber, Information Security Specialist, 

Tesica Services 

Netwrix Solution

While evaluating Netwrix Auditor, Rafael's team realized that  it was very easy to implement, so they could install it on multiple machines, it was easy to use, and the compliance reports were exactly what they needed. Besides that, they found the platform to be very adaptable fitting their business needs based on all the applications in use.


  • Continuous compliance and quick audits. Netwrix Auditor saves the team hours of work when preparing for annual audits and answering additional questions in the event of the audit. Rafael can produce a report in just 10 minutes, rather than the 3-4 hours it used to require. Because the audit trail is securely stored in the archive for years, he can easily pull data about user activity in the past.
  • Investigation of suspicious activity. A single pane of glass view into the entire IT environment enables the IT team to quickly spot and look into any suspicious behavior. For example, one day Netwrix Auditor showed an unusual spike in failed logons, which turned out to be an attack in progress. Otherwise, this could have resulted in a huge data leak and would have really affected their business in the worst way possible. The team also regularly reviews effective permissions to identify and lock down overexposed data.
Key Benefits
  • Simplified compliance reporting
  • Quick investigation of security incidents
  • Reduced risk of data exfiltration
Customer Profile

Tesica Services specializes in information security for the financial sector, offering services and technologies that ensure the protection of critical business assets. Headquartered in Tórtola, British Virgin Islands, the company is staffed by professionals who have more than 25 years of expertise in information security and have undertaken large projects in various countries. 

Customer: Tesica Services

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