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Fresno City College Oversees 650,000 User Accounts and Secures PII Data

User accounts to monitor
People in the IT team

Netwrix Auditor met all our needs and enabled us to establish control over more than 650,000 user accounts, as well as maintain security of our back end. Without the software, it would be impossible for us to go through the security logs of 140 servers on our campus alone and be proactive towards malicious activities. 

Doug Schreiner, Systems Technical Resource Analyst, Fresno City College

  • Oversee all student and employee accounts.
  • Secure business data, including PII, payment data and educational records.
  • Proactively combat security threats.

We use Netwrix Auditor to protect all data, including sensitive information across network shares and file servers. If there is anything suspicious, we do an investigation of who made the modification, when and where, to figure out what caused it. This enables us to quickly address security issues and see if we have a breach or not.

Doug Schreiner, Systems Technical Resource Analyst, Fresno City College

Netwrix Solution

Doug chose Netwrix Auditor because of its reporting and alerting capabilities, which enabled him to gain deep visibility into the IT environment and keep user activities under control.

  • Minimized risk of data breaches. Doug reviews reports on user activities every day and receives alerts on critical changes, e.g. modifications to high-level security groups. This enables him to immediately block harmful activities and prevent security breaches.
  • Fast investigation of security incidents. Doug recalls that investigation of suspicious activities used to be cumbersome and nearly impossible if it required looking at historical data. With Netwrix Auditor, he detects and investigates security issues much faster. He uses reports on activities in Active Directory to see who did what, where and when. This enables him to quickly find the root cause of security incident and take necessary action.
  • Control over access to sensitive data. Doug carefully monitors data access and changes to strengthen security. He tracks everything that happens to data, who has access to files and who modifies or deletes them in order to ensure the confidentiality of protected information and hold employees accountable for accidental or purposeful file deletions.
Key Benefits
  • Better control over the IT environment
  • Fast and easy investigation of security issues
  • Solid protection of sensitive data
Customer Profile

Fresno City College was founded in 1910 in Fresno, California, and became the first community college in the U.S. The college offers variety of educational programs and enrolls about 34,000 students. Fresno City College is a part of the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) in California, which also includes Reedley College and Clovis Community College, along with two educational centers, the Oakhurst Center and the Madera Center.

Customer: Fresno City College

Industry: Education