Standard Meat Company

Standard Meat Company Saves 8 Hours a Week to Ensure Data Security

8 hours per week
Saved on system monitoring
10-15 minutes per day
To ensure security of network and data
Control over privileged accounts

Netwrix Auditor saves us at least 8 hours per week, since we do not have to hunt through logs on the Active Directory server or constantly check file server permissions. I spend 10–15 minutes a day to ensure network and data security. The software provides a good platform for reporting, not only to my manager, but also to upper management and stakeholders. This enables us to demonstrate that everything is secured as needed.

Jeremy Baldwin, System & Network Administrator, Standard Meat Company

  • Maintain the security of IT systems and sensitive data.
  • Gain control over privileged accounts to mitigate insider threats.

Watching after domain admins is critical, because they have the keys to the kingdom. Without visibility, it is impossible to know that these accounts are compromised until their actions result in a breach or downtime. Thanks to Netwrix Auditor, we keep privileged users under 24/7 surveillance. 

Jeremy Baldwin, System & Network Administrator, Standard Meat Company

Netwrix Solution

Jeremy liked Netwrix Auditor because of its easy-to-use interface and seamless deployment process. He especially liked reports on file permissions, which are critical for SMC. 

  • Insights into file server activity and permissions. Jeremy gets an overview of all file server activity, both failed and successful, to spot malicious actions immediately. If a user does something he is not authorized to, Jeremy sees it the same day and takes action. His most favorite feature is reporting on excessive permissions, which enables him to spot unnecessary access rights and revoke them.
  • Better accountability of privileged users. Netwrix Auditor alerts Jeremy on changes to Domain Admins group membership and provides summary reports on all Active Directory and VMware changes, which enables him to keep privileged accounts under surveillance and detect signs that an account is hacked.
  • Mitigated threat of ex-employees. The reports on logon activity show Jeremy whether there are any inactive user accounts that have to be deleted. This enables him to mitigate risks posed by ex-employees, such as data tampering or data breaches.
Key Benefits
  • Minimized risk of data breaches
  • Continuous control over privileged users
  • Reduced attack surface
Customer Profile

Standard Meat Company (SMC) is a pioneer in the meat packaging industry. Founded in 1935 in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S., the company was established to service restaurants and hotels in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Today, SMC supplies national and international restaurant chains (including casual, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants), major supermarkets, and club stores with customized beef, pork, and poultry processing and packaging solutions.

Customer: Standard Meat Company

Industry: Consumer Products