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Users in the network
Virtualized servers with confidential data

Because of the nature of our business, where a lot of people get access to sensitive data, security has always been a number one priority. For us being secured means knowing what is going on. We can always refer to Netwrix Auditor to ensure that our networks and data are in a safe state.

Tej Singh, Senior Systems Analyst, Enterprise Inns

  • Gain visibility over activity of over 500 employees across the IT infrastructure.
  • Secure large amount of confidential documents, containing financial, administrative and project data that are stored at around 100 virtualized servers.
  • Maintain the stability of the organization’s critical IT systems.

When security tests revealed the critical area for improvement, we have asked our testing services partner if they had any preferred vendors, and they suggested trying Netwrix Auditor. Actually, it was on the top of their list.

Tej Singh, Senior Systems Analyst, Enterprise Inns

Netwrix Solution

Tej Singh, senior systems analyst at Enterprise Inns, chose Newrix Auditor because it was precise, intuitive in use, and non-intrusive.

  • Centralized control over critical IT systems. By providing  complete control over changes made across entire IT infrastructure, Netwrix Auditor enables Tej to detect and investigate malicious changes made to configurations of critical systems and prevent business downtime.
  • Gained visibility into anomalies and potentially malicious actions. Netwrix Auditor provides Tej with intuitive and granular reporting that is customized according to his requirements. With who-what-when-where details, the software provides visibility into anomalies that may be a sign of a security breach, so he can take action before it is too late.
Key Benefits
  • Strengthened network and data protection
  • Ensured uninterrupted business
Customer Profile

Enterprise Inns plc headquarters in Solihull in West Midlands, UK and is the leading specialist operator of leased and tenanted pubs across the country. Established in 1991, Enterprise Inns offers enthusiastic, committed and entrepreneurial operators the opportunity to run pub business effectively and receive support, expertise and resources provided by around 500 Enterprise Inns’ employees for the benefit of the local community.

Customer: Enterprise Inns

Industry: Business Services

Website: www.enterpriseinns.com