Clackamas Fire District #1

Clackamas Fire District Mitigates the Risk of Ransomware and Saves up to $190,000 Per Year

Saved on preparation for audits
2 days
To complete internal audits
Protection against ransomware

Because fires never take days off, it is important for us that Netwrix Auditor works 24/7, ready to assist our fire district any time of the day. The software gives us peace of mind because it provides the visibility necessary for both data security and continuous compliance, and it also saves the district at least $190,000 per year. Netwrix Auditor is definitely a significant piece of our security posture and everyday processes.

Oscar Hicks, IT Director, Clackamas Fire District #1

  • Ensure the security and availability of critical data, including fire records, PHI and PII.
  • Streamline compliance with CJIS, ISO and HIPAA.
  • Maintain network stability for 500+ employees from 20 locations.

To complete the internal audit, we used to spend 3-4 weeks, whereas with Netwrix Auditor it is a 2-day process. Without Netwrix Auditor, we would need at least two full-time employees for monitoring the systems and spend around $190,000 annually.

Oscar Hicks, IT Director, Clackamas Fire District #1

Netwrix Solution

Oscar chose Netwrix Auditor because it was easy to use and provided him with deep visibility into file permissions and user activities, such as data access and modification. 

  • Lower risk of ransomware attacks. Oscar uses Netwrix Auditor to spot vulnerabilities, such as excessive access and modify permissions, stale data. He also minimizes the risk of data compromise by cleaning up permissions and inactive accounts. Oscar also receives alerts on potential signs of ransomware or brute-force attacks (e.g. excessive failed activities) to respond before it is too late. Plus, he gets alerts whenever a user gains administrative privileges to mitigate risk of insider misuse.
  • Visibility into file servers. Oscar regularly reviews summary reports, reports on permissions changes and dashboards with overview of activities on file servers to quickly detect abnormal activities. Deep visibility into who accessed, changed, added or removed what files and when enables Oscar to protect sensitive data.
  • Continuous compliance. Oscar uses out-of-the-box compliance reports to check whether the fire district is meeting CJIS, ISO and HIPAA regulatory guidelines. He spends 2 days instead of 3-4 weeks on internal audits and saves the organization around $190,000 annually on user activity monitoring and reports generation.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Delivered visibility into user activity
  • Streamlined compliance
Customer Profile

Clackamas Fire District #1, is one of the largest fire protection districts in Oregon, U.S., serving over 220,000 citizens and covering nearly 235 square miles. Its firefighters respond to tens of thousands of incidents annually from 20 strategically located fire stations. The service area encompasses four cities, including Happy Valley, Johnson City, Milwaukie and Oregon City, as well as the unincorporated areas of Barton, Clackamas, Westwood and others. 

Customer: Clackamas Fire District #1

Industry: Government