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Leading Insurance Company Achieves Seamless Brand Integrations Journey through Merged Brands with Netwrix Usercube

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Our three brands had distinct processes, diverse laws, and varied vocabulary. Choosing Netwrix Usercube enabled us to consolidate and simplify our identity management, addressing the challenges encountered by COVEA during the merger.

Eric Torre, Authorizations & Repositories IS Technology Manager at Covea

  • After the merger of three different brands, each with its own IT system and resources, COVEA Group needed consistent identity management across the whole organization. In particular, it needed to know exactly what rights each employee had, be able to handle specific permissions for each brand, and avoid losing important information during the reorganization. 
  • COVEA also needed to ensure it was managing identities and entitlements in compliance with internal policies and regulatory controls, including Command and Control Regulation, General Data Protection Regulation, and Operators of Essential Services. 
  • COVEA recognized that it needed a solution that would streamline permission and authorization management, standardize and optimize IT systems, and enable effective responses to audit checks to keep up with data security and privacy requirements. The solution needed to be flexible and easy to use, preferably SaaS.

Within five days, Netwrix Usercube demonstrated its alignment with all our requirements, including business, technical, and safety aspects.

Anne Rollet, Covea group Authorization Referent & IAM Project Leader

Netwrix Solution

With Netwrix Usercube, COVEA optimizes authorization management, enhances data security, and achieves regulatory compliance. 

  • Improved authorization management enables data security and regulatory compliance
    COVEA can now efficiently and accurately assign and manage rights for its data, systems, and applications, including its CRM tool and Salesforce. By ensuring that everyone in the organization has the right access at the right time and for the right reasons with Netwrix Usercube, the company has been able to overcome issues like conflicting rights, manual reconciliations, and knowledge gaps caused by organizational changes. Moreover, Netwrix Usercube enables the company to efficiently analyze access rights and uncover any mismatches with expectations. This capability addresses current regulatory issues and also sets up a strong system for ongoing compliance with access management requirements. 
  • Process optimization improves IS efficiency
    Implementing Netwrix Usercube has also assisted with standardizing IS processes and streamlining provisioning procedures, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency. In addition, the integration of Service Now and Easy Vista has reduced the need for new account requests. Not having to repeat tasks and being able to manage incidents in one place saves COVEA valuable time, and enables them to easily include alerts in their IT workflow.
Key Benefits
  • Simplified business processes after mergers
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance
  • Compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements
  • Easy integration with applications
  • Improved access rights authorization
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile

COVEA is a French insurance company focused on property, liability, and reinsurance. It's the leader in the French property and casualty insurance market, providing coverage for 10.8 million vehicles and 8 million homes in France. With a history spanning two hundred years, COVEA has become a significant force in the broader European market for property and casualty insurance and reinsurance. The company's success is owed to the commitment of its 24,000 employees globally.

Customer: Covea Group

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