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The Geneva Foundation Ensures Compliance with NIST 800-53

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The software saves us a ton of time, facilitates compliance and improves security processes. In fact, Netwrix Auditor has helped us not only become more compliant, but showed where we have gaps within our organization and how we can fill those to further push forward our security and compliance project. There is nothing about it we have not enjoyed using. 

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  • Improve security and compliance processes to ensure compliance with NIST 800-53.
  • Establish mature auditing of Active Directory as the core system.

We chose Netwrix Auditor, because it was a very mature and easy-to-use system. It provided a single-pane-of-glass view into everything we needed. 

Jeremy Hoyle, IT Systems Administrator, 

The Geneva Foundation

Netwrix Solution
  • Ensure compliance with NIST 800-53. The software helped the IT team with their compliance routines, as well as eliminated security gaps within the organization. Now they could tie up these loose ends to further push forward their security & compliance project.
  • Provides logon activity summary. This feature enabled the IT team to detect a brute-force attack in time and also pinpoint users trying to log in outside of normal business hours, which can be a sign of insider threat.
Key Benefits
  • Improved security of the critical IT infrastructure
  • Facilitated compliance processes
  • Optimized troubleshooting
Customer Profile

The Geneva Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advances military medicine through innovative scientific research, exceptional program management, and a dedication to U.S. service members and veterans, their families, and the global community. Geneva is proud to have 25 years of experience in delivering full spectrum scientific, technical, and program management expertise in the areas of federal grants, federal contracts, industry sponsored clinical trials, and educational services.

Customer: The Geneva Foundation

Industry: Healthcare