Roskilde Municipality

Roskilde Municipality Streamlines Compliance and Saves 40 Hours Monthly

2 hours
Saved every day

Before, we had to manually monitor user activity in our environment. You could be looking at 5–6 domain controllers without even knowing what you are searching for. With Netwrix Auditor, it is very easy to understand what is going on. Sometimes things are nice to have and sometimes they are a necessity. Netwrix Auditor is a necessity, like a Swiss Army knife of monitoring solutions that is able to do so many things.

Finn Horn, IT Specialist, Roskilde Municipality

  • Secure citizens’ sensitive data, such as CPRs — national identification numbers.
  • Prove compliance with Danish state regulations and optimize the time spent on annual audits.
  • Reduce compliance burden on IT staff, so it could focus on supporting a complex IT infrastructure that includes 270 servers, 640 applications and over 7,500 users.

The product not only presents all the information about internal activity in an easy-to-understand and actionable way, but also notifies us about events that can turn into a security breach or a leak. That’s just brilliant.

Finn Horn, IT Specialist, Roskilde Municipality

Netwrix Solution

Finn chose Netwrix Auditor, because his team liked the structure of the reports that made it easy to keep track of user activity across all critical systems.


  • Visibility into critical actions. Netwrix Auditor delivered the visibility required to manage security risks to their core systems: Active Directory, Exchange and Windows Server. Smart alerting capabilities help the IT team timely detect events that can turn into a security breach or a leak.
  • Continuous compliance and faster audit checks. To stay compliant and successfully pass annual audits, the IT department has to constantly validate its security controls. By providing exhaustive audit data, Netwrix Auditor enables Finn to ensure that activity across the environment accords with internal policies. Moreover, it archives all the gathered data that Finn's team can easily retrieve during compliance checks.
  • Time savings and easier troubleshooting. In addition to improving data security and streamlining compliance, the complete visibility Netwrix Auditor provides saves the IT department at least 2 hours a day on manual monitoring of user activity across Roskilde’s complex IT infrastructure. On top of that, actionable intelligence helps them quickly investigate and resolve various issues.
Key Benefits
  • Centralized control over the environment
  • Streamlined compliance
  • Increased productivity of the IT team
Customer Profile

The municipality of Roskilde is located in East Denmark and has a total population of 87,000 people. The city is noted for its long history, dating from the Viking Age, and one of the local universities. The IT department of Roskilde manages the municipality’s IT infrastructure and provides support for employees, as well as students and teachers at the local schools. 

Customer: Roskilde Municipality

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