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Over the years, Change Tracker has continued to develop and improve. In preparing for this FIM and change control project, I compared its features and capabilities to all those that I needed to competitive offerings and found Change Tracker to be the most feature-rich, scalable and cost-effective.

Andre Cole, Senior Security Systems Administrator at Accenture


The primary challenges that Accenture clients face include defending their networks against malicious code, ensuring systems are being used as intended, and being able to maintain and prove compliance with applicable regulatory frameworks. As Andre Cole, Senior Security Systems Administrator at Accenture, explained, “Success for me is keeping our client’s IT environment safe and secure, making sure that everything is behaving the way it should, and that nothing malicious is going on.”


In particular, one company in the finance sector was facing security and compliance challenges, and Accenture needed a new approach to address them. “We had a client seeking a file integrity monitoring (FIM) and change control solution to manage changes on their servers, ensuring that those changes are authorized while complying with all the mandates and frameworks relevant to them. As I was going through their needs, I realized that the existing solution proposed didn’t make the memo requirements that the contract expected of us,” Cole recalled.

The ongoing process of proactive risk management is now in place, providing our client with the assurance they need.

Andre Cole, 
Senior Security Systems Administrator at Accenture

Netwrix Solution

Cole reviewed and tested Netwrix Change Tracker to determine if it would meet the client’s needs. He discovered that the solution combines the essential critical security controls outlined by all leading security frameworks with best-in-class change and configuration management and system integrity monitoring. “I recommended Change Tracker as I was confident they could get the job done,” Cole said.


With the Netwrix solution deployed, Accenture’s client enjoys peace of mind that it is in continuous compliance with regulatory requirements. “Being an auditor previous to this role, I know what auditors are looking for. They want ease of use and the ability to retrieve the necessary information to complete audits as efficiently as possible. The ongoing process of proactive risk management is now in place, providing our client with the assurance they need,” added Cole. 


For example, with Netwrix Change Tracker, Accenture’s client can monitor changes to the integrity of system and configuration files — a critical element in any good cybersecurity practice. “When changes are made outside of the change window, not being able to get that information is very detrimental. Having visibility into those changes in the IT environment is key,” explained Cole. 


In fact, Cole has stopped endorsing another FIM solution and now recommends Change Tracker to clients. “If a security product is not being kept up to date with industry standards and best practice frameworks, I will recommend alternative products,” he said. “I was previously recommending a competitive FIM solution, but due to varying client budgets and various business sizes, Change Tracker was a better alternative.” 


In particular, Cole noted that price is a critical factor for budget-conscious companies — and this is an area where Change Tracker excels. “The cost factor was significantly less than the competitive solution initially proposed so we were able to fulfill our client obligations,” he noted. Another reason customers opt for Change Tracker is its lightweight footprint. “With Netwrix Change Tracker, there is better performance on the agent, too. Insufficient bandwidth is a common issue with agents, but Change Tracker has this sorted,” added Cole.


Additional criteria that Accenture’s team considers when evaluating cybersecurity solutions for their clients include ease of use, customer service and support, and product capabilities and flexibility. “Those are all key for us and Change Tracker came out on top,” reported Cole. During Accenture’s purchasing process, multiple stakeholders assessed Change Tracker and signed off on the decision, establishing it as the default product Accenture recommends in the file integrity monitoring (FIM) and change control space.

Key Benefits
  • Proactive risk management
  • Improved security of critical IT systems
  • Adherence to relevant mandates and frameworks
  • Simplified compliance reporting
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