Enjoy.ing Ensures Business Continuity for Three Development Centers and Investigates Incidents in a Few Clicks

Development centers
Several minutes
To investigate an incident

Netwrix is like ten products in one. We have everything centralized in one place, so we get accurate information about changes and incidents with less effort. At the same time, Netwrix understands that each organization is different, so we can customize our alerts based on what is normal for our environment. Also, my team’s experience with Netwrix Support has been great. I have been recommending Netwrix to my peers ever since.

Sanel Jovanović, IT Director, Enjoy.ing

  • Consolidate the audit trail across the hybrid infrastructure in order to improve control and get ready for future GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Troubleshoot incidents more efficiently to maintain business continuity for all three development centers.

Before we had Netwrix Auditor, we could spend half a day checking all the logs and the user’s PC to investigate an account lockout. But now it is a matter of several minutes to know what is going on, such as whether it’s a user issue or someone trying to break in, and resolve the issue.

Uros Vostinic, IT Infrastructure Team Lead,


Netwrix Solution

Sanel Jovanović, the IT director at Enjoy.ing, and Uros Vostinic, the IT infrastructure team lead, chose Netwrix Auditor because it shows activity across critical on-premises and cloud systems in a readable format in one place. Attentive and responsive vendor support during the POC was also a big factor in the decision. 

  • Comprehensive change and configuration auditing. By reviewing activity summaries and the IT Risk Assessment dashboard daily, the IT team knows precisely what is happening all around the environment. Also, they get alerted to the most critical events, such as registry changes in Active Directory and Azure AD, non-owner mailbox access in Exchange Online, and changes to the configuration of virtual machines. This automated auditing enables them to quickly detect anything that can put business operations and security at risk, and also prepares them for future compliance audits.
  • Fast investigations and troubleshooting. When Netwrix Auditor notifies the IT team about anomalous activity, they can investigate it right in the platform in mere minutes — no matter if it happened in the cloud or on premises — so they can resolve problems much faster. They also appreciate the change rollback feature, which enables them to revert unwanted AD changes almost instantly and avoid outages.
  • Prompt, expert support. Whenever Sanel and Uros contact Netwrix support about problems or questions, they get answers in a timely manner. For instance, when they had a problem with Office 365 auditing, the support team replied same day the ticket was created, scheduled a session, identified the issue and fixed it, ensuring that Enjoy.ing could realize all the benefits the product offers.
Key Benefits
  • Achieved continuous auditing and alerting
  • Accelerated troubleshooting of issues
  • Reduced IT team workload
Customer Profile

Enjoy.ing is a software engineering company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and three development centers in Serbia. To provide custom IT solutions that satisfy the specific needs of each client, the company offers a wide range of services, such as technical consultancy; project management; and system design, development and testing. 

Customer: Enjoy.ing

Industry: Technology

Website: www.enjoying.rs