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Standard Bank Enables Secure Digital Transformation Saving Countless Hours on CIS and PCI DSS Compliance

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Since implementing Netwrix Change Tracker, we have a much better understanding of the changes happening in our environment. It detects all system changes as well as changes to application and configuration files, and provides details of who made the changes, when and whether the changes were approved.

Holger Bossow, Head of IT Security at Standard Bank Namibia

  • Protect complex IT environment and legacy systems against cyber threats despite growing attack vectors and advanced technologies, used by adversaries.
  • Protect the bank’s sensitive data, monitor changes across their systems and endpoint devices to comply with PCI DSS.
  • Enable secure digital transformation of financial services to offer personalized user experiences for customers.

We found that Netwrix Change Tracker could be integrated with almost all systems and devices within our IT environment, which was important for us as we wanted one application to manage our entire heterogenous environment. This was one of the features that stood out with Change Tracker compared to the other solutions during our evaluation phase.

Holger Bossow, Head of IT Security at Standard Bank Namibia

Netwrix Solution

Holger Bossow, Head of IT Security at Standard Bank Namibia, has asked the bank’s partner Blue Turtle Technologies which solution to choose for their specific requirements. Andrew Parsons, Infrastructure Solution Specialist at Blue Turtle commented, “We recommended Netwrix Change Tracker because of their innovative approach and their unique ability to solve the most challenging security and compliance issues, based on leading security frameworks.”


Netwrix Change Tracker with FAST Cloud Threat Intelligence integration helps the bank to manage changes in their complex IT environment, achieve continuous CIS and PCI compliance while protecting the sensitive data of their valued clients. Change Tracker seamlessly integrates with almost all systems and devices within the IT environment. It supports digital transformation efforts with no need to sacrifice cyber security.


Keep track on critical changes. According to Holger Bossow, Netwrix Change Tracker is doing an excellent job of monitoring changes in the bank’s IT environment, distinguishing between good and bad changes. Noise-free alerts enable to quickly investigate changes that may truly impact bank’s security posture. 


Have visibility into multiple systems and devices. Bossow said that Netwrix Change Tracker offers the broadest support of server operating systems, virtual systems, and network devices. “Netwrix seems to be the best solution for us in terms of feature set and functionality. The other products we looked at simply couldn’t do what Change Tracker could,” he added.


Achieve continuous CIS and PCI DSS compliance. “Compliance with regulatory standards such as PCI and CIS is critical for us. Whilst achieving compliance is one thing, maintaining continuous compliance is another, and that is the real key to success. Change Tracker enables us to identify unauthorized changes and treat them accordingly, helping us to remain compliant,” said Bossow.


Extend product usage to other IT teams. The benefits of Change Tracker were extended to the wider IT team at Standard Bank Namibia. “Netwrix Change Tracker has strengthened the level of security and compliance for the Oracle, Windows and Linux teams and saves us all a lot of time during audits since Change Tracker automates the compliance reporting for us.”


“We certainly feel more confident with where our cybersecurity posture is today. Netwrix Change Tracker and Fast Cloud are powerful tools that have helped us towards achieving a better security posture and reduce cyber risk,” said Bossow.

Key Benefits
  • Continuous CIS and PCI compliance
  • Secure support of digital transformation
  • Time savings due to reporting automation
  • Cost savings due to multiple product use
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Standard Bank Namibia, a member of the Standard Bank Group, a leading African bank providing financial services to individuals, business, and public sector. Since opening their doors in 1915, Standard Bank Namibia has grown into an institution that understands its customers better, has people with strong knowledge of local business conditions and does the best job of connecting borrowers with lenders.

Customer: Standard Bank Namibia

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