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Bank of Botetourt Reduces Risks and Ensures Secure and Uninterrupted Operations

20 minutes
For daily security checkups
6 times faster
To get routine work done
5 minutes
To spot critical IT risks

I have used many products in my career and I am glad to say that Netwrix Auditor works as advertised right out of the box. It enables my staff to review audit information across the environment in a fraction of the time and provides clear visibility into our IT risks. The ability to identify cybersecurity threats quickly is a must today and I am glad we can do it now.

Andrew Shotwell, Senior Vice President,

Bank of Botetourt 

  • The IT team struggled to know what was happening across their Active Directory and VMware systems, so they were not able to promptly spot and address security violations and prevent disruptions to operations.
  • They relied on managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deliver reports on the health of the IT environment and changes that had occurred. However, the reports were so long and cryptic that they were virtually useless.

Audit reports provided by MSSPs used to be 200 pages. Netwrix Auditor reduced their size 10-fold by showing relevant and critical information only. My team does not have to look for a needle in a haystack anymore.

Andrew Shotwell, Senior Vice President,

Bank of Botetourt

Netwrix Solution

Andrew Shotwell, Senior Vice President of Bank of Botetourt, chose Netwrix Auditor for several reasons. First, one of the bank’s auditors recommended it, noting that the solution provides both clear insight into the environment and comprehensive reports. Then, Andrew’s team downloaded a free trial of the product and immediately saw reports with exactly the information they needed, such as all changes to Group Policy settings. Moreover, the price was competitive and reasonable for the bank’s budget. With Netwrix Auditor, the IT team has achieved the following benefits:

  • Prevention and detection of unauthorized access. Andrew sees unauthorized access to IT systems as one of the most acute cybersecurity risks for his bank. Netwrix Auditor enables him to minimize the risk of improper access by making it easy to review all changes across the environment, including changes to security group membership, which could lead to privilege escalation. Moreover, it reports and alerts on events that might indicate illegitimate access, such as multiple logon failures and disabled accounts made active, and speeds investigations of suspicious activity.
  • Faster and better auditing. The IT team used to spend at least two hours a day reviewing 200-page reports from their MSSPs — yet they still could not find all relevant information on AD and VMware activity. With Netwrix Auditor, they need only 20 minutes to review daily audit reports and detect anomalous behavior in these backbone systems. As a result, they now have more time for more strategic initiatives that are critical to the business, such as implementing new technologies to help employees and customers.
  • Better control over IT risks. Andrew regularly reviews the Netwrix Auditor IT Risk Assessment dashboard to detect gaps in security policy settings and processes. In less than 5 minutes, he can spot issues like accounts with passwords that never expire or a high number of users with administrative privileges, and quickly take steps to reduce the bank’s risk level. If not for Netwrix Auditor, his team would have to run PowerShell scripts and parse through tons of data in an attempt to find this information.
  • Comprehensive FDIC and GLBA compliance reporting. With the out-of-the-box compliance reports in Netwrix Auditor, Andrew has the clear, comprehensive information required to satisfy auditors. If additional questions arise, Andrew knows that the Interactive Search will enable his team to address them quickly. Plus, the platform securely stores the full audit trail for as long as required by regulations.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced IT risks
  • Improved access security controls
  • Optimized IT workload
  • Ensured faster audit reporting
Customer Profile

Bank of Botetourt is a community bank based in Virginia, U.S. For over 115 years, the bank has been committed to reaching out to local communities to further the area's overall economic development. By providing personal, business and lending services, the bank helps meet the needs of local communities and improve the quality of life for residents. 

Customer: Bank of Botetourt

Industry: Financial Services