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Banco Bandes Uruguay Validates Security Controls for Continuous Compliance

150 virtual machines
Successfully controlled

Netwrix Auditor enables us to better understand user activity, track any changes made to IT systems and access attempts to the most critical assets. It is an ideal solution to quickly and effectively maintain security without engaging a lot of additional resources.

Enrique Martinez, Information Security Coordinator, Banco Bandes Uruguay

  • Validate security controls required by industry standards, the Central Bank of Uruguay, and the state laws that regulate personal data protection.
  • Ensure the security of critical systems deployed in the virtual infrastructure and protect the data handled by them.
  • Monitor privileged user activity in the VMware environment to control the creation and deletion of new machines and monitor the changes made to vCenter.

With Netwrix Auditor, the monitoring of user behavior that may affect the security of all our data is organized on a daily basis and is very simple, so we have continuous insight into activities in the network. Now we can proactively secure our customer data and other business-critical assets, even if they are stored on the virtual servers.

Enrique Martinez, Information Security Coordinator, Banco Bandes Uruguay

Netwrix Solution

Enrique Martinez, information security coordinator for Banco Bandes Uruguay, chose Netwrix Auditor for its ability to validate security controls across the virtual environment in a consistent, simple, and efficient way. 

  • Enhanced control over virtual environment. Now the IT team can conduct regular audits of the virtual environment to monitor activity across virtual hosts, folders, clusters, etc. Thus, they confirm that all the internal and external security requirements are met and that the business-critical IT systems are configured correctly to ensure that sensitive data is not affected.
  • Improved control over privileged accounts. Netwrix Auditor enables the IT security team to detect privileged users’ unwanted activities at the earliest stage and to prevent potential security incidents across the entire IT environment.
  • Visibility into user behavior and data access. With the software, Enrique Martinez can easily monitor user behavior that may affect the security of organization's sensitive data. Such insights enable him to proactively secure customer data and other business-critical assets, even if they are stored on the virtual servers.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced security of critical systems and data
  • Improved user accountability
Customer Profile

Banco Bandes Uruguay is a bank based in Montevideo that focuses on projects that promote the economic development of the entire country. The bank offers a broad portfolio of financial services that aim to support companies and individuals in carrying out their projects. The bank has an extensive network of branches throughout the country and is supervised by the Central Bank of Uruguay.

Customer: Banco Bandes Uruguay

Industry: Financial Services