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Netwrix Auditor gives us peace of mind and enables us to keep our IT environment stable and secure. Whenever a problem arises, we go back to the audit trail, find the root cause and come up with a solution. Plus, the software alerts us on critical activities, which empowers us to address potentially serious incidents faster. 

Barry Fong, Senior Network Engineer, First Insurance Company of Hawaii

  • Maintain a stable and secure IT environment.
  • Ensure uninterrupted business processes.
  • Effectively respond to security incidents and operational issues.

When a user lost access to one of the systems, we saw how his access rights were modified and brought them back. Additionally, the software showed which employee made the change, so we could explain to him why he should not do it again. Now our users think twice before making changes because they realize they are being monitored.

Barry Fong, Senior Network Engineer, First Insurance Company of Hawaii

Netwrix Solution

Barry chose Netwrix Auditor because of its robust reporting capabilities and ease of use. 

  • Enforcement of the least-privilege principle. Barry reviews Netwrix Auditor reports to monitor changes to security groups, including changes to group membership and privileges. This enables him to spot and eliminate inappropriate privilege elevation in a timely manner. He also receives alerts when someone adds a user to the Domain Admins group, which enables him to react to unauthorized activities faster.
  • Control over mailbox quotas. Netwrix Auditor tracks all changes to mailbox storage quotas. This enables Barry to detect unauthorized increases that could lead to unacceptable growth of data on the Exchange Server and cause server downtime.
  • Faster investigations and better accountability. Barry uses Interactive Search to conduct investigations more quickly and efficiently. Netwrix Auditor enables him to see which employee made what change in the IT environment and undo these changes if necessary, as well as communicate with users to ensure this won't happen again.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous system security
  • Uninterrupted business processes
  • Increased accountability of employees
Customer Profile

Founded in Honolulu in 1911, First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH) is the oldest and largest property and casualty insurance carrier headquartered in Hawaii, U.S. It distributes its products through 27 independent agencies across Hawaii, providing risk management solutions designed specifically for local businesses and families. FICOH is a proud member of the Tokio Marine Group, which has member companies located worldwide. 

Customer: First Insurance Company of Hawaii

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