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VTM Group Takes Data Security to the Next Level with Netwrix Auditor

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Netwrix Auditor helps with our security housekeeping. By tracking activity across the IT systems, we are able to quickly find out whether there is any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts to sensitive data, especially in the case of employees who do not have permission for it. I cannot think of a better way to keep data safe and secure.

Richard Staats, Systems Administrator, VTM Group

  • Maintain and protect critical data of 40+ client organizations and sister company with an independent IT environment.
  • Gain visibility into how users work with sensitive content and thwart security policy violations at the early stage.
  • Centralize auditing management for most critical systems — Active Directory and file servers.

We were fortunate in the sense that a lot of companies that find themselves looking for visibility into their environments are doing so as a reaction to a security breach. We were on a proactive front. Netwrix Auditor is a helpful solution that gives us the peace of mind to look back and see that there have been no critical changes to sensitive data.

Richard Staats, Systems Administrator, VTM Group

Netwrix Solution

Richard Staats, systems administrator at VTM Group, chose Netwrix Auditor for exhaustive audit reports that are easy to set up and provide all crucial information on what's going on across critical systems. Another attractive factor for VTM Group was the excellent reputation of Netwrix in the Spiceworks community, a professional network for the IT industry.


  • Visibility into data manipulations. The software shows the IT team the overview of activity across critical file shares, so they can detect activity that may affect data security, such as unauthorized access attempts or file modifications. This saves the team critical time.
  • Better communication within the IT team. Netwrix Auditor greatly improved the visibility between team members. It enables them to keep a historical record of changes for an individual user or the domain itself and see if someone has added individuals to groups or has changed organizational units within Active Directory. Thus, they can better mitigate the risks of security breaches and disruptions to business operations.
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced  security of sensitive data
  • Improved communication within the IT team
  • Mitigated risks of business downtime
Customer Profile

VTM Group was established in 1995 in Beaverton, OR, U.S., to provide event management services for technical conferences and workshops. The company’s focus has since evolved to address the unique needs of global and regional associations, alliances, standards bodies and non-profit organizations. Today, its clients leverage various levels of VTM Group’s full suite of services, which includes association management, engineering and technical consultation, event management, financial management, marketing, membership and licensing support, public relations and strategic communications, and web services.

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