Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport Automates Auditing of Active Directory and Network Devices to Comply with PCI DSS

6M+ passengers
Per year
5 hours
Saved each week on auditing

Netwrix Auditor enables us to monitor user activity and make sure that Active Directory, which is a backbone system, is treated with respect. This definitely brings us peace of mind — whatever happens, we can always go to Netwrix Auditor and quickly run an investigation to find the root cause of the issue before it disrupts the airport’s operations and affects passengers.

Joanna Murphy, Systems Engineer,

Christchurch Airport 

  • Since Active Directory is a backbone system that provides authorization and authentication for many critical services, the IT team at the airport needed to be able to closely monitor activity and changes in AD and promptly detect and investigate issues.
  • The airport is subject to PCI DSS, so the IT must perform regular audits of the IT environment. To complete this task accurately and efficiently, the IT team needed to automate auditing across its network devices, including routers, firewalls and switches.

Netwrix tech support is exceptional. Every time I submit a ticket, a team member replies in a timely manner and helps us ensure we get maximum value from the product.

Joanna Murphy, Systems Engineer,

Christchurch Airport 

Netwrix Solution

Joanna Murphy, systems engineer at Christchurch Airport, says she chose Netwrix Auditor because of its ease of use and ability to translate logs from Active Directory and network devices into actionable reports. With the solution, her team has been able to gain the following benefits:

  • Full control over Active Directory changes. Netwrix Auditor enables Joanna to monitor every change to Active Directory and keep IT staff accountable for their actions. She especially values the software alerting her to any instance of privilege elevation, so her team can take action promptly if the action wasn’t authorized and poses a security risk. Compared to manual auditing, the software saves her around five hours every week. On top of that, Netwrix Auditor includes automated rollback functionality that will immediately revert critical improper changes, such as accidental deletion of an organizational unit or incorrect modification of Group Policy.
  • Continuous auditing of network devices. Joanna and her team now have full visibility into configuration changes, logon attempts, scanning threats and hardware malfunctions on all their Cisco devices. This straightforward network auditing helps ensure and prove compliance with both internal policies and PCI DSS.
  • Prompt investigations. With Netwrix, the IT team can conduct security investigations far more quickly and efficiently than before. If a suspicious change or anything else anomalous is detected, the interactive Google-like search will drill down into details and identify the root cause, so the team can respond quickly to minimize the impact on the business. Moreover, they can easily review the sequence of events involved and can take appropriate action to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Key Benefits
  • Easy, comprehensive change and configuration auditing
  • Detailed audit trail for PCI DSS compliance
  • Faster investigation of incidents
Customer Profile

Christchurch Airport is the Gateway to the South Island. With 12 partner airlines arriving from 25 destinations, it is the second busiest airport in New Zealand as measured by both number of passengers and number of aircraft movements. In 2019, a record 6.93 million passengers travelled in or out of Christchurch Airport.

Customer: Christchurch Airport

Industry: Transportation