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Logistics Firm Secures Cyber Insurance Renewal by Implementing Netwrix Privilege Secure in Just 2 Months

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Netwrix Privilege Secure was straightforward to install, allowing my engineers, who were not very familiar with the product, to easily implement it. This helped us avoid large-scale consultancy costs and shorten the setup process to a single day, compared to the several weeks required by other products.

Ivar Indekeu, Senior Manager IT Operations at H. Essers

  • Mastering compliance and audit challenges

H. Essers needed to demonstrate compliance with the stringent requirements of their key customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The customer had achieved ISO 27001 certification and wanted to comply with NIST frameworks.

  • Meeting new cyber insurance requirements 

H. Essers required the implementation of a resilient PAM solution to renew its crucial cyber insurance, essential for both operational continuity and customer trust. To adhere to the insurer's timeline, the PAM solution had to be user-friendly for rapid adoption, straightforward to deploy and manage, and a stable product. This was particularly important as the small IT team was already occupied with overseeing the company's data centers, networking, and applications.

  • Managing third-party access and strengthening password security

H. Essers was also looking for a more effective way to manage the numerous contractors and vendors accessing its hybrid environment. Moreover, the company aimed to enhance its password policies and reinforce access control measures. 

We looked at other products, but only Netwrix met all our needs. This product offers excellent value for its cost, providing significant flexibility and ease of installation.

Ivar Indekeu, Senior Manager IT Operations at H. Essers

Netwrix Solution

Ivar Indekeu, Senior Manager IT Operations at H. Essers, found that Netwrix fulfilled all of the company's requirements, including easy installation, scalability, ability to adapt to changing cyber insurance demands and cost-effectiveness. Netwrix Privilege Secure for Access Management offers a modern approach to PAM based on just-in-time access that is both secure and convenient. Seeing that Netwrix was named a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for PAM gave Ivar additional confidence in moving beyond legacy approaches to privileged access management. 

  • Compliance and security risk reduction

Netwrix Privilege Secure for Access Management played a crucial role in enabling H. Essers to improve security around privileged user access as outlined in the SOC and NIST frameworks. 

  • Meeting cyber insurance requirements

After testing the demo, the systems architect swiftly established a fully operational solution within a day. Following this, the architect crafted a high-availability (HA) solution, which underwent validation by Netwrix's engineers and was implemented collaboratively by the teams at Netwrix and H. Essers.

  • Refining access management as part of a Zero Trust strategy

Adopting Netwrix Privilege Secure for Access Management empowered H. Essers to transition from broad role-based access control to a task-focused permission framework, which is a critical element of a Zero Trust security model. Users are now granted exactly the rights they need to perform specific tasks, such as restarting print spoolers, rather than comprehensive admin privileges that are ripe for misuse or takeover by attackers. Coupled with robust access monitoring, this approach dramatically reduced risk. 

  • Improved control over third-party access

Netwrix Privilege Secure for Access Management also provided H. Essers with the robust controls it needs to control and monitor vendor and contractor access to the company’s systems. The Netwrix PAM solution also strengthened password security by enabling the company to adopt stronger password policies and require multifactor authentication (MFA) for privileged sessions, which are additional core components of Zero Trust. 

Key Benefits
  • Secured renewal of cyber insurance
  • Replaced risky admin rights with just-in-time access
  • Enabled better control over vendors and contractors
  • Enforced MFA for admin sessions
  • Improved password management
Netwrix Applications
Customer Profile

Established in 1928, H. Essers has grown to be a top transport and logistics service provider in Europe, catering to sectors such as chemistry, healthcare and infrastructure. The company has seen substantial growth over the years, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Today, H. Essers employs over 7,500 staff across 88 locations in 18 countries.

Customer: H. Essers

Industry: Transportation

Website: www.essers.com