Top 7 Free Tools for IT Professionals

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Independently reviewed by industry experts, these free Active Directory tools, password manager software, disk space monitoring tool and others proved to be useful for IT pros. Audit Active Directory and file servers, manage passwords and more - for free.

Download Netwrix free auditing tools that can save you a lot of time and make your network more efficient. Some of these tools also have a fully functional alternative available as a free 20-day trial, but the freeware tools will not expire and will not stop working when you urgently need them.

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1) Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory: Receive emails detailing changes to Active Directory users, groups and group membership, computers, organizational units and permissions, GPOs, Exchange Server configurations and permissions.

2) Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers: Know what changes are made to files, folders and permissions, and track newly created and deleted files.

3) Netwrix Change Notifier for VMware: Be notified of changes to VMware host and virtual machine settings, creation and deletion of virtual machines via email.

4) Netwrix Change Notifier for Exchange: Exchange Server configurations and permissions.

5) Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier: Automatically send email notifications to your users letting them know their password is about to expire.

6) Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner: Alert your help desk staff about lockout events and troubleshoot account lockouts, analyzing potential causes. Accounts can be unlocked within the console, a Web-based interface or via a mobile device.

7) Netwrix Disk Space Monitor: Be alerted in real-time via email when disk space falls below certain thresholds on one or more of your servers.