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We care about security of your data.
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Data Access Governance
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Minimize the likelihood of a data breach by identifying your most critical data, limiting the number of accounts with access rights to that data, and maintaining this state for ongoing information security.
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We care about security of your data.
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Expand your visibility into risks around sensitive data

Which information is sensitive, regulated or business-critical? Is it overexposed or otherwise at risk? How big is that risk? By answering these critical questions, you can prioritize your data security efforts based on your risk profile and business needs.

Focus your data security efforts on the most critical data
Prioritize the security of sensitive information and apply data access controls consistently across multiple data repositories by discovering and classifying structured and unstructured data, both on file servers and in the cloud. Enable data owners to verify the sensitivity of that data to ensure the accuracy of your access controls. Identify which data can be safely deleted or archived to reduce your attack surface area.
Monitor security risks and report your progress
Continuously monitor the state of your data security to make sure your organization is more secure today than it was yesterday, and easily report your progress to internal and external auditors with data access governance software from Netwrix.
Identify the most significant risks around your data and close those gaps first
Pinpoint the most significant risks to your sensitive data — like personal records open to groups like “Everyone”, SharePoint Online files that are shared externally or too many users with privileged access — so you can mitigate them first. Look deeper by analyzing how users can elevate their access to get to sensitive data, such as by modifying group membership, to anticipate and guard against possible attack trajectories.
Prove the security of personal information and respond promptly to DSARs
Provide solid evidence that personal information about your customers and employees is stored securely to ensure compliance. Automatically discover newly created personal records so you can secure them immediately. Save time and money with prompt and easy discovery of data stored about a particular data subject when they exercise their privacy rights under GDPR, CPRA or other modern data privacy regulations

Minimize security risks by limiting access to sensitive data

To reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents, organizations need to understand who has access to what in their environment and granularly manage access to sensitive, regulated and mission-critical data.

Reduce access to sensitive data to the required minimum
Cut your risks of a data breach and reduce the impact of incidents that do occur by making sure users are granted access to only the data they need based on their job function and other relevant factors. If access controls around sensitive data are not risk-appropriate, automatically remediate overprovisioned access that threatens your sensitive data.
Make access provisioning less burdensome but more secure
Empower the people who actually understand the data to determine who should have access to it. Enable business users to request access to data they need for their job and data owners to approve or deny those requests — ensuring accurate provisioning while reducing the burden on the IT team.
Streamline data access management
Identify probable data owners for each resource and enable them to see who has which type of access to the sensitive information they own. Make it easy for them to regularly attest that these rights are in line with business needs, and if they aren’t, remove excessive permissions to enforce the least-privilege principle without having to involve the IT team.
Protect data wherever it goes
Increase the effectiveness of your information rights management, data loss prevention and other data protection processes and tools by ensuring that they rely on accurate and consistent tagging of information across your entire IT infrastructure.

Curb the impact of security incidents

Speed incident response and contain insider threats more effectively by promptly spotting abnormal user behavior and access policy violations that threaten data security with continuous monitoring of data access and privilege escalation attempts.

Speed threat detection
Promptly detect activity that threatens your sensitive data, such as unauthorized attempts to elevate user permissions or users accessing sensitive data they haven’t touched before.
Detect ransomware attacks in progress to facilitate quick response
Get alerted about signs of possible ransomware activity, such as a large number of file modifications or deletions in a very short period of time. Quickly isolate the user account responsible and stop the ransomware from encrypting all the files that account has access to across your IT environment.
Accelerate response to threats
Respond immediately to data security threats by automating responses to anticipated incidents, for example, by blocking attempts to elevate user permissions to sensitive data. Automated response minimizes the impact of an attack and avoids the creation of new security gaps.
Get to the bottom of incidents faster
Streamline the investigation of incidents involving sensitive data: Understand exactly what data was accessed across your data stores, which accounts were abused or compromised, and how they got access to the sensitive data. Use this context to formulate the best possible response, determine whether you need to report the incident and, if necessary, to notify all affected parties.

Speed recovery from security incidents

Recover from a security incident faster with details about how the incident unfolded, what data was affected and how the malicious actor obtained access to it. Revert quickly to a secure state and incorporate lessons learned into your data security strategy.

Understand the value and sensitivity of data to plan information recovery processes
Inventory your data and see where the most business-critical content is located so you can create information recovery plans that prioritize the restoration of that data.
Get back up and running faster by prioritizing the recovery of key data
Know exactly what data was compromised during an attack and prioritize its recovery to get your business users productive as soon as possible.
Reduce future risks by incorporating lessons learned
Analyze exactly how a security incident occurred, including the activity of a malicious actor and how they got access to sensitive data, and use that information to improve your data security and identity management strategy and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Gain control over your data and the ones accessing it

A robust risk management strategy heavily relies on understanding what types of data an organization possesses and who has access to it. Having a clear understanding of these fundamentals enables security professionals to apply adequate security measures and ensure company-wide data access governance.

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Assessing risks
Through its risk assessment functionality, Netwrix Auditor provides a high-level overview of the security posture of the entire infrastructure. Enabling security professionals to apply adequate measures in terms of their risk management strategies.
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Focusing on what matters
Netwrix Auditor enables administrators to identify and assess risks in four key areas: users, permissions, data, and infrastructure. Covering all the IT security fundamentals in one.
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Remaining up to date on changes
Netwrix Auditor reports on Active Directory and Group Policy changes. Provides time-specific information on AD and Group Policy configurations, including group membership across multiple domains and effective permissions.
Netwrix Data Access Governance Solution
Netwrix Data Access Governance Solution
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